The World's Fastest Car : Forza Horizon 1 Let's Play (Part 8)

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Forza Horizon 1 Let’s Play continues with The World’s Fastest Car at the time this game came out, the SSC Ultimate Aero! We do some FH1 Customization and make it undriveable… If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let’s Play and more!

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AR12Gaming says:

Who else remembers this car beating Bugatti?

זה סודי says:

5:31 the 370z looks like a Ferrari, as it does what Ferrari does best

Nothing says:

I think the X is 10

marcus Pakes says:

R2 class

Fiat 500

Cem Marc Meyer says:

I love that you play old games

Cem Marc Meyer says:

On the final you get 5mio credits
Please buy the maserati mc12 corsa

זה סודי says:

3:53 imagine the vw IDR in there

זה סודי says:

8:23 it feels like playground games is shooting the screen with a gun

FM Karting says:

Day 2 of asking nick to do a tdu2 lets play

Flipping Waffles says:

The ZR1 in FH2 sounds amazing!

ولد تنفس says:

Ive never heard nike not taling in one video

Péter Gergő Sajtos says:

Just some tips for fh1
For races wich don't requie hugh speed you should use the Radical sr8 rx. One of the best handling cars in the game and pretty cheap. The only thing is it suck in top speed (175 mph)

Paradise Montessori School System Chakwal says:

i have completed it for a long time bro

Simon Pritchard says:

I remember starting this game in the morning and beating it by midnight when I was like 10

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