THIS is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport! MY FIRST DRIVE

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This is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and my first drive to experience all about it! Bugatti have dialed things up for the new hypercar to be right at home on the racetrack, and after a short road drive we head to the fabulous Bilster Berg to put it through the paces. Join me to discover it inside out in full detail!

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is the most dynamic, track-focused model the hypercar manufacturer from Molsheim, France have yet introduced. A limited run of 60 units will be made, following on from the Chiron, Chiron Sport and Chiron Super Sport 300+, and a growing line-up that also now features the Divo and Centodieci models. Powered as before by the 8.0l quad turbo W16 making 1,500hp and 1,600Nm, but with substantial changes under the skin.


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For the Pur Sport, Bugatti have focused heavily on the chassis development, increasing the stiffness particularly at the front end by 65%, and 33% at the rear. Coinciding with this, there are also changes to the software side and specifically the gearbox that now runs shorter ratios for a much sharper feel and significantly quicker in-gear acceleration; albeit at the expense of the top end which comes down from 420km/h to 350km/h.

For a first ever drive of the Chiron Pur Sport, Bugatti invited me to join them at Bilster Berg in Germany, a very tight and technical circuit to really test how it performs. Starting out it’s a road drive where the endless and effortless performance comes in abundance and quite frankly too much so for such an environment, before also driving the ‘regular’ Chiron Sport to compare. Then it’s over to Bilster Berg to really have an opportunity to push and experience something unlike anything I could have expected.

It goes without saying that Bugatti make extraordinarily fast cars, but the significant benefits to handling with the Pur Sport are immediately apparent. It is both more lively through the gears thanks to the new configuration, as well as offering a Sports+ ESC mode where it also becomes much more controllable and enjoyable through the immense corners of Bilster Berg. The result is a car that you might not expect to perform anything like as well as it does, with the added bonus of blistering speed between the corners.

Thanks for watching, Tim



julyman9 says:


Enraged says:

I'm going to get one, one day believe it #Redpill knowledge #SYSBM

Hussain Ismail says:

Bro, Matt watson from carwow was the first person to ride this 😁

Gary McRoy says:

The veyron was not a pretty car but was an awesome peformer while still being beautiful on the inside. This one looks properly beautiful inside and out. EXCEPT for one thing. Ive always hated that 16 they have written in the iconic buggatti grill. It just takes away from the timeless look of most bugattis to me? Makes it appear like a hot wheels car from the front angle on such an elegant car otherwise. Anyone else agree?

zero2a100 says:

When you do over 200 in it ,,,is that when the door handle falls off ?
Something that i dont know why they still use .

jmcesmat says:

That is the first Bugatti that really has the looks to match the performance. What a beast!

DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST says:

Ugly wheels on the blu one

Tyler Greenland says:

Looks like a fucking bat mobile I love it

Rndy 04_ says:

Hy guys im shmee hello🤣🤣

Thomas Wright says:

idk for that price im not BLOWN AWAY by the interior/gauges

meriç tuna says:

Idk mate . I mean its still a heavy car and with thoose shorter gear ratios that heavy and powerful of an engine is just unnecessary weight added , i would go as far as saying a huracan performante would destroy this on track

channelRC mini says:


Matthew Green says:

"I never expected this car to be this much fun"… you're driving a top of the line Bugatti, did you honestly expect a bad time?

EthanYT says:

A mix of luxury, track, speed


Just discoverd after years of watching bugattis videos that it has 2 valve fuel on each side of the car hahaha why

Ben Dover says:

Now this is a one freakin beautiful car. Wow.

Bit Rage says:

Those magnesium/carbon wheels are straight EPIC!🥰🥰🥰🥰

Aswin Prasetyo says:

What’s the position of the Pur Sport compared to the Divo? They seem almost identical

Depressed Vibez says:

Finally a Bgatti not sponsored by Dyson

pm says:

I'm glad he's taking the initiative and is making sure he doesn't give himself covid-19.

Viktor Skarlatov says:

That engine sounds out of this world… <3

Steve Binu says:

Shmee:Does the intro outside the car
Also Shmee:Puts the mask inside the car (Please take this as a Joke lol)

OpraLatis says:


Tony says:

wtf are those sunglasses are you for real you you germans are don;t know how to dress at all

Keith Sim says:

This defenitely makes the owners of divo get frustrated somehow.. By owning a divo, must be a chiron owner limited to 40 cars production aimed at better track performance. Before there was a version, chiron sport and now this version the pur sport limited to 60 units. Buying a hypercar like chiron is already for the super rich… To buy the story created cars like the sport, 300 plus, divo, (the 1 and only black car) centodieci, pur sport… Its so difficult to own a "normal" to most people are exclusive, chiron but to go for a car event meeting and drive a normal chiron where all ultra rare cars will attend, meeting the more exclusive and exclusive, I rather not attend😂😂😂

Loïc Marpaux says:

You can hear that he freakin scraped the front lip of the Chiron on the track … brilant lol

DT_ ERROR says:

Are getting one

Classique_ says:

what a stunning car!

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