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THIS is the FULL SPEC For My Ferrari SF90 Stradale!

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It’s time to lock in the specification for my upcoming Ferrari SF90 Stradale! The 1,000hp hybrid supercar is joining the Shmeemobiles next year, so join me at HR Owen Ferrari London to run through all of the options that make up my final configuration.

Having announced the new addition to the collection a few months ago, I’ve spent a lot of time since running over many different available options and choices. The Ferrari ordering process allows some exceptional degrees of customisation, with many bespoke options, all of which can be visualised through the Atelier and Ferrari configurator.

Having previously owned two Blue Ferraris; my Blu Le Mans FF and Blu Tour de France GTC4Lusso, I’ve stuck to my guns and chosen Blu Elettrico, a stunning multi layer royal shade, with amazing depth and beautifully under lights. The complete the SF90 exterior it wears the carbon fibre option, the upgrade forged wheel in silver, and has Giallo calipers to match with the Scuderia Shields. On the interior is where we’ve been focusing heavily, going with a dual tone of Sabbia and Blu Sterling, in many ways reminiscent of my Ferrari FF.

I’ve chosen to not take the Assetto Fiorano on the grounds that this is more of a road car for me, choosing more of a comfortable and daily configuration with the Style Specific seats and having the optional lift system. Naturally the technology level is high with ADAS, the upgrade sound system, the carbon fibre LED driving zone and more.

Addtionally, the interior features a number of bespoke special request, including Blu Sterling seat inserts, matching Blu Cavallino headrest embroidery and seat surround stitching. The aim is really to create a car that will be lovely to enjoy on the road, while having the ability to unleash 1,000hp when required!

A special thank you goes to Jonathan at HR Owen for guiding me through the specification process thus far and handling all of my requests to create a very special Shmeemobile!

Delivery is expected around March/April 2022, just in time for some fun in the good weather.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:06 SF90 Walkaround
01:56 Entrying Ferrari Atelier
02:31 Exterior color reveal
03:22 Interior trim reveal
04:43 Full specifcation walk through
09:12 Full interior trim walk through
12:29 Technology specification
13:18 Bespoke trim walk through
17:15 Recap of the specification
21:30 Ending the video

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Shmee150 says:

What do you think of my full spec for the SF90?! We've spent a lot of time working on the interior and making something very bespoke with a number of special requests. The result is going to be stunning, I can't wait for delivery next year!

Henry Santos says:

Nice powerful
Exotic car
Looks absolutely gorgeous
God bless everyone in the world
In the name of Jesus Christ.🙏.

alf786 says:

You been with these colours a lot from past

alf786 says:

Hmm black wheels yellow callipers for me on the blue.. silver old style

Jacques Raymond says:

No Asseto Fiorano pack and not a SF90 Spider. Would have raised so much more in value with time.

Conner Pyne says:

I love the spec it just would look a thousand times better with the carbon fiber wheels

Dave Dietrich says:

Hi! Thanks for your great videos! If I could bottle your enthusiasm, I’d be rich! I’m a pensioner with one wish on my bucket list…..spec-ing a Ferrari. I have an 812 GTS on order for early 2023. I watched your videos on the GTS and also your spec-ing a SF90. Beautiful car, looking forward to seeing your video on it later this year.
Question: what drove you to chose the Stradale over 812? Power? Technology?

Thanks again, Dave in Connecticut

Larry Dunn says:

I guess you miss the TDF Blue! They look very, very similar.

Hassan says:

Apart from the Silver Wheels, very lovely spec. I think you could've also gone for a bespoke blue just to have it a bit more metallic or light. Other than that, lovely inside out!

atlasrex says:

The blue is too dark – for an electric high tech car — just my opinion.

atlasrex says:

$700,000 car and you have to pay for extras side lane change lights and adaptive cruise control that are standard on $45,000 Fords and every Toyota cars —

EYEZP951 says:

I think the gold rims would've worked better. Just my opinion.

Antonio Gherardini says:

I believe you can add the Axle Lifter back into the Assetto package

mackz1017 says:

Can you fit in this thing being over 6foot3?

Phil Smith says:

I have hard time for any Ferrari that wouldn’t be Red or Yellow… (or Black on a very last ressort). So I’m not super fan of the Blue here, even thought that’s a superb color. But I understand you want something special and unique, and you seem to like a lot of blue/purple colors in your garage, so I understand your choices.

Tim Godbold says:

How do you get the money to pay for it ???

Larry C says:

How much total in USD?

primoaus says:

You have no taste in colors. Great taste in cars though

JBCOM says:

Holy shit Shmee, youre actually getting SF90. Youve come a long way, you deserve it. Congrats bro.

NFS_love says:

Your shmee its sound more like a mouse to me

Robert J. Holtz says:

Beautiful very original design choices. I look forward to seeing how it turns out when you take delivery. Cheers.

Robert J. Holtz says:

6:38 – Sonomonous?!? Try synonymous. Root word is synonym.

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