This Is The NEW Koenigsegg Gemera – And I've ORDERED One! 1700hp & 4 Seats – A World First!

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This is the New Koenigsegg Gemera – and unbelievably… I’ve ordered one! 1700hp 4 seater mega car featuring a ground-breaking 3-cylinder engine, connected to a revolutionary hybrid-drive system. This is Koenigsegg’s first 4 wheel drive car allowing the new Gemera to accelerate from 0-60 in under 2 seconds and onward to over 250mph!!

Big thank you to Koenigsegg UK/Supervettura for dealing with my order on the run up to the launch!


TikTok: @Mr JWW






Matthew Jalinsky says:

most beautiful machine I've ever seen. She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.

jason basden says:

That man is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the rest!!! I want one so bad 😭😭

Diego Duarte says:

This is a awesome project!

Tom Brewer says:

Sir, nothing you do will save the planet.

ståle hansen says:

Jungle Juice.. Right..

Adam Kessler says:

What does he do for a living?? He has to do something else besides youtube

Misbah says:

You must be making few quid from you tube. Need to speak to the tax man before purchase

MarMPB says:

I’m pretty sure that guy came from the future!

Matt Rohr says:

please, if I get one more virtue signaling lecture about how we can avoid carbon I'm going to faint. But this thing is phinominal, super impressive. Love it

bmannowify says:

Ordering one with my gme tendies :DD

LiteStuff LLC says:

Prove its worth all this HYPE – take it to Le Mann compete – don't dare call it a super care or anything more than a pretty show piece till then

ADogNamedLizard says:

If only Bugatti could develop something similar to the Gemera's engine and then scale it up for the W16 – imagine the power.
CVK is like Elon Musk, apart from no spaceships and brain hacking….

Dan Lewis says:

Can't believe you didn't let us hear the thing. Phooey.

B K says:

Are there more slots for sale?

Rahul Ramakrishnan says:

The free valve engine is like rt flex marine engine

Lucius Cincinnatus says:

Lemon and grey color scheme. It works very well doesn’t it?

Jacques Raymond says:

In the 70's when i was a young kid, we were trying to figure out what the cars of the future (2000nd era) were gonna look like. Their is the answer… KOENIGSEGG GEMERA.

Elusive Snow Leopard says:

Out of this world cool!!! I would love to see Christian and Elon collaborate on some earthly and off works projects.

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