This Koenigsegg CCXR is the ONE TO BUY!

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Now this is a car, the monstrous Koenigsegg CCXR with a sequential gearbox! It’s one of only two in existence, for sale at Esser Automotive in Germany, but what could be better than taking it for a drive in convoy with the Koenigsegg Agera X too?! Hard to believe it’s already 15 years old, but tough to beat for sheer awesome drama!

The Koenigsegg CCXR was the ‘final’ variant of the CC models, with a 4.8l twin supercharged V8 pushing out over 1,000hp and with a top speed of 250mph or 400km/h. However, this particular car, number #38, stands out as it is one of only 3 Koenigseggs ever made (2 remaining) with a sequential gearbox. Running up through the gears like a racecar with pushes forward or pulls back, it’s an absolute workout to drive but an immensely rewarding experience as a result.

Having recently attended Esser Automotive’s launch event for the new Jesko Absolut and Gemera, this time we’re back at the showroom where it’s absolute hypercar heaven! The amazing dislpay is lined with multiple Koenigseggs and plenty more including my McLaren Senna too. After a quick look around, we have to shuffle some cars about to pull out the two for the drive, plus a Polaris buggy too.

Having recently driven numerous Koenigsegg cars including the Agera RS, Regera, and plenty of the older cars, this particular CCXR is something a bit different thanks to the gearbox. It’s incredible to think it’s already 15 years old and becoming a classic, but yet Koenigsegg were such pioneers to have already made something that could do what this can.

A huge thanks to Esser Automotive for an incredible and memorable day!

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

I've been lucky to drive all the Eggs, from the newest models including multiple Regeras and Agera RS' (no full Jesko/Gemera yet), going back to the early cars, and it's always amazing to see how pioneering these cars have been. But this CCXR at Esser Automotive is now 15 years old, yet it could still do 250mph (400 km/h) and when it comes to sheer drama and excitement of a car, there isn't really much that can come close! This has to be the one to buy….

Peter Smith says:

There is a RHD CCXR Edition for sale in the UK for £1,129,000 …hold my beer..

Brad Pittman says:

You can hear when you got on the d restricted when you cracked the throttle a little. Legend. Badass car.

Muhammad Hamza says:

Damn I like that car so much

Isaac Santos says:

Amazingly sexy work of art.. christian von koenigsegg gets his place in history next to da Vinci and Caravaggio

Tom Fidler says:

one of the best shame videos ever

Tom Fidler says:

a raw koenigsegg like this really suits you mind

Big Jumbo says:

Lucky b#^£ a7d.

Big Jumbo says:

Agera one one is my favourite car ever and will always be .looking at the rear of that car gives me chills down my spine a little bit like the back of the p1 does…..
Absolute monster

NemStyle says:

There were 3 now 2?? What happened?

FTT_Flasher _YT ❶ says:

This looks like a copy of my car

glenncol says:

Shmee the giggles are very camp mate, you sound like a Pidgeon at sydney mardi gras give it a rest dude

Jupiter says:

I actually got to see this cars sister car here in Florida back in 2012. I have a crappy video of the CCXR in the early videos in my channel if anyone is curious lol. It was my first exotic car show and there was also a then brand new Aventador next to it

Steler_prf says:

This SOUND from HELL !

Ge Ha says:

Does this one has the 2 rotrex superchargers??

J024 says:

One day indeed!

JDthunder Rocket car 88 says:

Its just a matter of time before i will have the money to buy my first super car

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

It does look exotic.

possibly ben says:

…you sure that's not just a burnt marshmallow on a stick

TheMth370 says:

Can't wait to see you belting around the 'Ring' in this beast Tim one day very soon 🙂

TheFunkhouser says:

Srsly, Koenigsegg > everything else

George van asch says:

You should buy it

Octane Parker says:

Change your intro

Jimmy Hallatt says:

You said it! What an experience that would of been! Wow! Incredible!

bazinga says:

It's pronounced "Ree – mats", not "Rimack".

Bill Wood Illustration says:

Sums it up well- the sight of a classic 356 trumps all of the cars you're going on about.

Matt McNeil says:

Tim I love your content, but you need to find another superlative other than "epic!"

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