This Noble M500 Might Be The NICEST Cheap Supercar Yet!

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With the Corvette C8 growing in popularity every day, many cheap supercar enthusiasts are starting to look elsewhere for more unique, custom exotic kit car options. One awesome affordable supercar is the Noble M500, and the bigger Noble M600.

British marque Noble Motorsports has been in operation since 1999, consistently offering cheap performance supercars like the M10, M12 GTO, and M600. The M500 (which should be sold later 2021) will become the brand’s new entry level model, offering over 500 horsepower at a low price.



Omar Ramirez says:

I've always liked the m12.

Josh Brekke says:

Wasn’t the M600 powered by the Volvo SUV V8 with twin turbos?

UptoMePapiYongKukKuk says:

£200,000 is hardly cheap and in reach of the common man!? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mike Anderson says:

You keep on saying cheap and affordable but not once did you mentioned the prices. I really don't get it. It could be cheap to someone earning 500K per year or expensive to someone earning a minimum wage.

pokemon master says:

It's just like Bugatti replica

Togzin Nhla says:

I remember the Ford Noble was manufactured in South Africa, amazing car

Pete says:

This thing is awesome, if they actually make this around 75k I think I have to get it

Tikka Masala says:

The part of body frame/panel that swoops down toward the rear reminds me of the Ford gt

PDC Q says:

I remember seeing the yellow beast in person with the creator right in front of me

Wiktor Jachyra says:

The m600 doesn't have a Yamaha motor…it has a Volvo motor upgraded by noble and tuned by yamaha……there's a difference

Captain_Context says:

Haha the Nobles "Extreme lack of safety features". It could be "unsafe to operate on american roads" Christ… That from a country that sells Vipers. Do some research when you make a video.

Captain_Context says:

Corvette C8 amassing an enormous following… Really? Their average customer is 64 years old.

JS says:

I love that the interior is "out of date", that's how you make a classic: no screens or gimmicks.

Tiny Turtles says:

Chiron on a budget

Kelly Oubre Jr. says:

M600 still looks better

John Mitchell says:

You forgot to mention the Noble M15 which was sold from 2006 to 2011

sdlausen says:

The fitment of where the front fender meets the lower rocker panel by the wheel is atrocious.

Vincenzo says:

The front looks like the GTA online coquette dc10 and the normal corvette c8

Erencan996 says:

If the price is good I wish the company many customers 👌🏽

Amadeus says:

it looks awesome, only down side of it as far as i can see is the flat front(just the middle) and the exhaust pipes from the yellow one, the grey one looks better.

Gaara says:

The US care about safety features
That’s hilarious 😂

Rayson Kok says:

Who noticed the c7 headlights.

Mike Colz says:

You gave us no idea of price range?? You didn’t tell us anything.

ML7_x x says:

looks like c7

Thapelo Mashao Masemola says:

Should've put the hellcat motor inside with c8 chassis, only way to challenge 911

Adam Norwood says:

It looks like one of those mashup models from GTA V

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