This Saleen S7 was the worst rental car ever

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stefan brown says:

The saleen is a true Hypercar

Aidan Adams says:

If that's a glass of scotch… This guy is my kind of guy

Mohamed Yasin Arakkal says:

The Saleen S7 looks so timeless.

Irving Day says:

Rich guy problems I think he doesn't know way or how the car came to be
πŸ€£πŸ˜‚"it over heats at daily driver speed"
"But on the track at high speed she is great πŸ€£πŸ˜‚"
It was a street legal race car dumb ass. Huh why is there only one set in the middle of the car

Cassablanca says:

3:32 okay chill out mand the car designer thought u would only have 2 feet man not 10 and a half

christian wolf says:

ok fine poor performance car, but what mods could you do to improve that performance

Cheezy Rider says:

50 cents candy shop

yahnniemeng says:

Anybody else drive this car a lot in the original Forza?

Phil Frank says:

Glad you loved the body design of the S7, I did my part at least!

Vyzitor says:

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

aasdf285 says:

Ok…what the hell does "you're gonna spit cool it" mean tho? πŸ˜…


As a veteran valet… can confirm, money over eye candy lol

Novadestroyer The Sun destroyer says:

One of few examples of a car you will own BUT NEVER DRIVE.

charles oliveira says:

Deve ser por isso que eu tenho fila de espera de 3 anos

Parker Russell says:

Are you telling me I need to pick a new dream car?
I guest the late 60's Camaro gets my complete heart.

Dan Krause says:

It’s a hypercar from like Ford what you expect man I mean look at Land Rover

Jeffrey Marshall says:

Lol the garbage rod of cars

Brandon Miller says:

I wouldn’t call a saleen a hypercar lol

Travis Smith says:

An S7 track was bad on the road?
Ummm, obviously.

The Campbells' says:

This is so awesome! I absolutely love this video. Regardless of the details of the S7, it's my favorite, but ONLY because it's sexy. I've never drove one. I just cruise my MGB. I'm also a video maker though, and I am beyond impressed with your ability to talk to an arbitrary point beside your camera as if someone is interviewing you! Well done! Great channel man. I might subscribe. I think you're cool. It seems like you knew that though. πŸ˜‰

hankdieselify says:

You’re crazy, Ford GT (04-06)all the way!!!!

Chris Marek says:

Great looking car but even if I had $500k burning a hole in my Wranglers, my fat ass would never fit into it.

Anas Nasir says:

Is this the same Saleen used in candy shop video?

squarewheels says:

That saleen sound more like a con job rather than a car.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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