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Time To Buy A Lambo? £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador S | MrJWW

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I’ve been dying to try the new Lamborghini Aventador S ever since driving the Aventador SV earlier this year. The iconic V12 from this Lamborghini is out standing but the gearbox may be a sticking point – lets find out!

Thanks to Craig at Lamborghini Pangbourne: http://www.hrowen.co.uk/lamborghini/

Check Out Paul’s Channel: www.youtube.com/supercarsoflondon

You can check out more of my octane filled days here:


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mazdarati2 says:

9:20 shot of the decade.

Weiqing Chaw says:

Ferrari 812 FRONT ENGINE

Weiqing Chaw says:

Why not u just buy a big bull more ??

Weiqing Chaw says:

Lol u ordered a 812 superfast

TheBlackSwordsMan says:

Lol that is what Tim said about the gearbox!!!!!!

Digital Josh says:

I'm gonna by a lambo when I'm 23+

Musiq4lyfe! says:

Sexy ass Lambo. Best one imo

Gazza Brownhigh says:

Huracan Performante is by far the best Lambo these days. AVS looks great and sounds great but Huracan Performante looks and sounds great as well as having a fantastic dual clutch gearbox and with it being smaller and lighter drives  so much better

Ryan Johnson says:

That car makes popcorn every time you come off the throttle. Ridiculously epic. Lamborghini faithfully building the cars of boys dreams. Thirty years on Lamborghini will still be selling cars to the kids of today because of the cars they are building right now.

Doug deBoer says:

for 67 liters of fuel it costs that much in Canadian dollars in western Canada which is nothing compared to pounds

Xavier Bee says:

What brand sunglasses is Jww wearing?

Max Kayser says:

Please get one, it really suits you!

spadgm says:

Wow, what a monster!

Kush Vekaria says:

who even dislikes these vids

SnakeyUk08 says:

Manga comic civic lol

Thomas Evers says:

I love that yellow Aventador James ! Why do you wear safety glasses or is that your signature eyewear ?

JC Compton says:

You're the best James, all love man all love!

Kares Pratt says:

I like the fact that Lamborghini has the ISR transmission for the aventador because it's intense shifts increase the intensity of the experience of driving it

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