Tooned 50: Episode 6 – The Ayrton Senna Story

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It’s the one many of you have been waiting for. In episode 6 of Tooned 50 Professor M and the crew are joined by the great Ayrton Senna. Featuring the voices of Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, this episode also welcomes Bruno Senna as the voice of Ayrton, in a fitting tribute to his uncle.

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Matt Bolt says:

brilliant how they managed to avoid the awkward rivalry with prost ahhahahah

Arbi. 1207 says:

senna kok bajunya bendera indonesia

Евгений Поляков says:

Great Senna had nickname "Brasilian wizard". Full tank,cold tires,best lap time. And there was in time ,when formula cars had only engine and wheels….

Luiz says:


Saulo Rafael Lindo says:

Brasil poha


mr.senna í the name for mclaren senna???

Otávio Baruque says:

Melhor piloto do mundo sempre estará nos nossos corações!

Aksa Faisal says:

checo was here 🙂

Lucas Shelby says:

The best driver of HISTORY

Zero One says:

Nice animation, good job, great pilot.

OKAYDA says:

Senna. F 😢💔

Holy Frenk says:

The video is very amazing and very action

Marlon Donato says:

i know ayrton senna but who is my ear ton senna

John Montag says:

You guys gotta get back to making these again

Luis F says:

Shut up Alain!
Sorry prof

AyrtJ97 says:

As someone called Ayrton, I can 100% relate with the struggle of explaining people how your name is pronounced, or written…

Luiz Paulo Tello says:

Eye-ear-ton 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

Julio adrian Lopez moreno says:


Aaryan Rath says:

Sergio is pretty talented…he can keep his legs up for a long time.

Diego Alberto Sánchez Germán says:

Can You translate to spanish please ?
All tour videos 🙏🙏🙏🇲🇽🇲🇽 viva México
To day is mexican revolution

John Smith says:

Mano. Isso é uma das homenagens mais lindas à um de nosso heróis na F1. Temos o Nelson Piquet também. Tão campeão quanto o Senna, só que mais picante. Sem papas na língua. Ayrton se preocupava muito com opiniões. Piquet estava cagando e andando. Queria mais era ganhar. E não estava errado. Mas todos foram ótimos pilotos. Orgulho do meu país nesse meio podre da F1. Emerson, Nelson, Ayrton, Rubens, Christian, Felipe, Roberto, entre outros. Só o o Tarso, até hoje esse não mostrou para o que veio. Salve Brasil. O único país que tirou a F1 do eixo. É nós.

A Solanum Survivor says:

its pronounced 'ire – ton' say it like that ire ton … like ireland only ton instead of land

Goober Face says:

this would be absolutely amazing with sainz and Lando Norris it would be brilliant the 2 best F1 pair and next season ricardo and lando would be even better

Jaison Costa says:

Eterno 🇧🇷🇧🇷💙💚💛

I'mfamous 1002 says:

Ich hätte gerne das zweite Intro

Pietro Salomone says:

Senna ❤❤❤

Commander Doom says:

Senna and Hunt.
Mclaren two greatest drivers.

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