TOP 1 IN GHOST SERIES MP!?! Fenyr Supersport (6* Rank 4353) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

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I test the W Motors Fenyr Supersport in the Ghost Series multiplayer season and make my way to Top 1 in this high-end S-class car! Enjoy 😀

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2:56 the race after that he seemed to drive like he knew everyone of your moves

Lilian Belinda Junaedi says:

6* Fenyr
6* Trion
6* Egoista

666 illuminati comfirmed

branIsA CrippledDoucheBag says:

Looool I remember the noob drivers always tryna play bumper cars at the start to slow you down but it was useless it winning was purely dependent on skill(to a lesser extent) and almost completely car stats but it was refreshing to race without being bashed or sabotaged from behind by the unfair rear knockdowns. It gave me a taste of how fun and non frustrating A9 multiplayer can be all that would be left is just to have proper fair match making.

Anurag Singh says:

Can I come to your club my ID is "By the way".

Daniel says:

Y u r thumbnail, color of car is always voilet😂

Idiotic Bosd says:

Osaka tracks = cause of the biggest bruh moments of the decade

99_Fiαt_Multiplα says:

1:22 ReEeEeeEEEe WaLlRiDe AnD sHoCkwAvE tHerR

sherpacs the good fan says:


Stungray :p says:

Why did you shockwave till you ran out of nitro

Titanic the greatest ice bucket challenge says:

People are lowkey complaining about this season since it requires actual skill instead of bumping into each other 🤣

Charlo says:

Correction : this season is not 100% skill based

the 488 GTB is not as strong as the Fenyr for example, so you can't fully rely on skill you also have to rely on your garage

Fantom Fox says:

3:16 – Feuerum: this mp is 100% skill based…
Me with a poor garage: Haha, nice joke man!

Mojta As says:

did you just say that the zenvo is better than the fenyr??????????????
and why would you assume that???????????

Amit Gupta says:

I fear no man, but this new map…it scares me.

Asahina says:

PLEEEEAAAASE make a Video, on how to Beat that 1:21 on the Furai Challenge. I NEED those 5 Blueprints

Iki Akesap says:

Well whe i font know the map, i just then on touch drive and tru to remember the map.

KyleB74 says:

lmao mobile

Abyssaracnis says:

I Can't Believe You're The Same Guy Who Voices Lego Steve in Lego Minecraft World.

RpM_Moad says:

Awesome driving bro, gg ^^

K0M4EDA says:

Viewers: nuce video
Other viewers: uR hAcKiNg

FLCLogic dyno says:

The guy who disconnected was J'ster I believe.
He would have given you a lot of trouble, in that track despite being in a P1.

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