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Top 3 Jeep Wrangler JK “Don’t Buy It” Myths Busted

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The Jeep Wrangler JK may not be perfect but is it really a vehicle that you should not buy? In this TFLcar Op/Ed Roman and Tommy bust the three most popular Jeep Wrangler “Don’t Buy” myths.

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News that matter says:

You spent more money on this car than its worth

Antonio Petrecca says:

Montreal to Florida trip and absolutely confortable ride!! My 3rd Jeep and the ride upgrade from my 1992, 2002 to my 2013 is absolutely great! No issues whatsoever

Average Spaceman says:

I really wanted a wrangler but with so many complaints it seems to be more of a hassle than it’s worth looks like I’m going to buy a Tacoma or a 4Runner

Sherrybization B says:

I recently bought a JK and I turn around and look at it, grinning ear to ear, several times before I can get in the house. ❤️ All the things people consider Jeep interference are what makes it unique and adventurous. Funmobile! No boredom here. I consider what it would have felt like to buy the popular Ford Escape (it just seems like there are hundreds of thousands of them on the road where I live) and I just shake my head. #DDWrangler
Ford Escape = economical, sensible SUV for comparison.

RogueM4 says:

Comfort and Sophistication??
Two thought processes that do nothing but breed weakness.

tileman17 says:

I bet she gets put away wet and dirty and is fun to ride in

Karina Fletcher says:

Thing is it's like the suzuki jimney auto journalist say it's bad etc on the road but if you're buying a hardcore off-roader it's because you need it to perform off-road the on road is a bonus it's the same with the jeep wrangler jk, If you're not going off road at least once a week then don't bother, or have a second cheap comfortable car. I have a Discovery 3 as my daily which is supposed to be good on the road but to me it's heavy.. but I accept that due to poor weather and off – roading up here 🙂

The American says:

Any Guy that would tell you not to buy a JeeP needs to ask his wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend for his balls back.

Brendan Clinton says:

for off road or trails, it IS refined.

Lachlan O'Neil says:

Well not sure about this specific car but jeep is the 3 rd least reliable brand out of 30 of the most popular brands.

Wauto Colorado says:

Unreliable? A little but thats just cuz of how I drive it. Uncomfortable? I disagree, the seats are pretty average, heating is amazing, sound system was terrible but I switched it out anyways. It does get a lot of road noise but thats mostly because of the tires I have on it. Unsophisticated? Sure, absolutely. Thats why I love it. It's so simple and easy to work on, it's not really all that quirky but it still has so much character from the adventures I've gone with it. I dont know about other jeep drivers but I daily mine and it's really become quite the companion. As stupid as it sounds I would consider my jk family.

Robin Oldham says:

#DDW plus its RHD because I work for the post office. Luv it cant stop buying mods for it!! lol

Jason Hall says:

I’m the proud owner of a 2014 Sahara Unlimited #DailyDriver. It now has 66,000 miles. However recently I did have to replace the rear transaxle because of some metal chunks found during a routine oil change. Also I had to replace the radiator due to a small leak and the front seals were replaced because they were leaking. Fortunately it was still under warranty and my dealer covered it all 100%. Even with these few issues I still love this Jeep. It’s my third Jeep I’ve owned. My first was a TJ, followed by a 2000 Cherokee that I bought new and recently gave to my 16 year old daughter, she drives it daily to school and work and the best news is that it just turned 280,000 miles with still no major problems, only the heater core is starting to go out but other than that it still runs just as well as it did the day I bought it. I highly recommend the Jeep brand.

Joseph Godin says:

That the bunch of yuppie mall going people. I have a 2003 Tj 150k miles 4.0L and a Jk Rubicon 70k miles. Just regular maintenance never refuse to start at -30. My wife had more trouble with her civic the I had with my 2003. If you want refine and all that get a Grand Cherokee Or Ford Edge. Jeeps Wrangle are made to do what you guys are doing. Try that with a RAV4. Keep up to good work guys

Roger Parrett says:

#DDWrangler 2014 JKU Rubicon w/ 3" lift. Only issue has been a fussy right front wheel speed sensor @ 30K miles. Otherwise, only standard maintenance (dealer, generally) at time/miles per owner's manual.

lucyferina says:

I downgraded from an f150 to a 2018 sport unlimited, so far I miss the power the truck had, the space and the sound system, I can't modify it yet because Spain won't allow me to import it modified, but the truck would have been too big. Not a bad vehicle so far, gets a lot of attention and surely some hate from the old school jeep snobs, time will tell if it's reliable…. I will not want to be part of a jeep group or part of the culture, just own it like any other car. I can't stand people just measuring up against each other, I tried the group thing once with a brand new bike and all I got was "advice" on what was wrong with it and why I should have bought a Harley, how to ride from people who had no experience, and that killed any fun or sense of belonging I could have had. Ride solo from then on, I guess we'll see how it goes with the jeep but I will not even try to meet any groups, not my thing…..

Gary Schlagenhaft says:

If you buy a jeep and thinks its gonna ride like a high end car.. Don't buy a jeep.

Brandon Koay says:

I'm on my fifth Wrangler, from YJ to TJ to JKU, hopefully JLU one of these days. So, #DDWrangler!

Elias Gutiérrez says:

The highest point in Florida. A penthouse party on the coast of Miami beach.

Operator 35 says:

Bought my 2015 wrangler new. Has been great! No problems! Take a look at yourself! You are satisfied?!

Ricknay 206 says:

Jeep is a very very reliable and affordable car out there, and i also have 2012 G 550 but i still love jeep take me any place i want, ride anywhere i want with no worries of getting stuck or someone might bump on you at parking lot. Respect your car, and it will serve you as a master

Team 4 squad Chaz vloges says:


Richard Brooks says:

My Jeep is my daily driver, although I don't drive a lot of miles. On trips, I would rather drive the Jeep than my wife's Mercedes C300. There is more room in the cockpit and I appreciate being up higher. I have no trouble going 75 mph on the highway, in Texas, 80. I am very satisfied. In 4 years, it has never been broken down with the exception of a battery failure a month ago. In the southern AZ climate, 4 years is good on a battery.

Handymen says:

I have a v6 2001 TJ. I drive it every day. Very reliable! Its uncomfortable because it can be. When your behind the wheel you feel safe, can get ANY parking spot, and go anywhere without having to really get on the gas to much. Just put it in 4 wheel drive and it pretty much goes its self. My only problem is that they are soo expensive… Nice jeep guys!

andrea locati says:

Yeah!! #DDW from Italy

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