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TOP GEAR Exclusive #StigCam: Ford Fiesta ST, s20 Ep 1 BBC AMERICA

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Go behind the visor and see what The Stig sees with the exclusive #StigCam – and watch as he puts the new Ford Fiesta ST to the test in a Power Lap at the TOP GEAR track, competing against other new hot hatches, the Renaultsport Clio 200 and the Peugeot 208 GTI.

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The Ford Fiesta ST did the track in 1.32.7, which made it the second fastest of the three, but both Richard and Jeremy agree: it’s the most fun hatchback of the three.


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Jacob Beattie says:

This car lapped it in 01:32.7 according to sources

Mark Hamilton says:

Dunsfold aerodrome, home of the Top Gear UK tv recording studio 🙂 This is why I bought one 🙂 Fiesta ST2 with Mountune MP215 🙂 May only have 215bhp but with such sorted handling you can use the max power nearly all of the time and it embarrasses a lot of more expensive and powerful machinery, but more importantly makes me grin every time I drive it 🙂

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

Some say that the Stig has a D ring on his helmet…

And he does actually!

Emmanuel Macapayag says:

wish we could see his foot work

JiyuuGamerPL says:

The Stig looks sleepy in this car XD

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

1:26 that counts? Totally cut that corner lol

Brett Manous says:

I swear that at 1:02 The Stig cougs!

Valon Selimaj says:

this should be the new reasonably price car 

RogueBRZ says:

What was the official time?

social3ngin33rin says:

did it place in the top 3? lol

Emerson Lake says:

I hate fwd but this did ok

1986beasty says:

Your new Stig, Mika Hakkinen.

aelian says:

The music is added in post (I'm fairly sure). In many cases the music the Stig is listening to is different in the UK and BBC America version. 

dilawer321 says:

WOW so it takes the americans to show a proper lap of the stig nowadays, top gear u.k is a comedy show 

PandaTopGear says:

Why The Stig isn't listening to the radio ?

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