top gear noble m600

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tanner froust con uno de los vehiculos mas modernos del mundo.


euroaaRON1 says:

the begining is good. tanner taking the opportunity to get back at all of jeremys insults to americans

m s says:

Not USA legal. What a shame

Twon Li Wu says:

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you suck

O. Bottechia says:

That car is insane!

RedEyedJedii says:

engine is a volvo engine

KingsofAppalachia#304 says:

Keep in mind that Lambo is an Audi as well… 

jungkvist says:

Now, this is a car, not a photo op. I mean, who wants to be seen screaming for mercy while going sideways? This thing should come with a trip to the tailor & a dozen pair of brown pants. .

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