Top Gear SSC Ultimate Aero 256 mph fifth gear

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roland hazuki says:

Its successor Tuatara broke record too

Ellis_D says:

"Wanted: Elderly widower to drive a car we're not very sure about. Must have not much else to live for".

Can't make that joke with the SSC Tuatara. They used a young guy with a baby on the way for it's record breaking 331mph run. How's that for confidence in your engineering?

Mr Unthinkable says:

He's 100% correct, one is an engineering milestone the other is just an ugly wedge with powerful engine. They shouldn't even be compared, the Bugatti has no compromises, it's elegant, beautifully made, beautifully designed and performs like no other car on the planet. The SSC by comparison is similar to that Saleen S7 but with even more power, it's just as unreliable, badly made, bad to use and had nearly no comforts that every day cars have. For the SSC to compete it had had to sacrifice luxury, the Bugatti does both, and that's the engineering genius.

JOSHaka OGER says:

Bugatti aka vw 😂

Mufasa Senpai says:

top gear was very biased towards european cars. that's why i like motor trend better.

Steffano Ducati says:

fukin limey inbreds

Cicero says:

It would eat a Bugatti for breakfast.

PocketHawk says:

Looks like someone took their foot up Jeremy's ass.

JakeDafox94 says:

what season is this from?

shaft9000 says:

the vw veyron is a luxury heavyweight; the ssc is light and designed to do one thing: beat the veyron's top speed. mission accomplished. which is better or worse only matters to individual desire; nothing more.

63gstone says:

Oh, that Jeremy!

NvDubs250 says:

Jealous the British can't meet the American power.

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