Top Marques Monaco – Highlights: Agera X, Huayra, M600, Siracusa, and more!

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Camera: Sony CX700
Location: Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

In partnership with, Shmee150 presents a quick glimpse at all of the cars present at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco show at the Grimaldi Forum. Some of the cars include:

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition
Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang
Top Car Vantage Cayenne
Mansory Siracusa Spider
Pagani Huayra
MTM R8 V10 Biturbo
GTA Spano
Hamann Hawk SLS
Hamann Menno-R MP4-12C
Tushek Renovatio T500
Noble M600
Rimac Concept One
Gemballa MP4-12C
Koenigsegg Agera X
Roding Roadster

Thanks for watching, Tim


Gonzaga Diego says:

rimac concept one  :))

Haadi Mohamed says:

what is the red car at 1:46?

Haadi Mohamed says:

it is a gta spano

hickipedia says:

Who is that Porsche Panamera at 0:50 modified by?

ACoolStupidDog says:

Now I know, look at the age of my comment haha.

B says:

No, actually it is a Fisker Karma, a hybrid sports car.

B says:

It is a GTA Spano

ACoolStupidDog says:

Never seen one, not even in a motorshow or a guide about cars…
Well, I think it only proves that I don't really care about car actuality anymore. x)

ACoolStupidDog says:

Ah, sorry! We don't have these cars in Canada, I tought it was a Maserati because of the blue at the bottom and the red on the top, like Maserati…

Alive says:

Fisker – Karma

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