Top Speed Autobahn Chase! 750HP Audi RS6 vs 800HP Porsche 911 Turbo S vs 450HP BMW M2

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On an early morning somewhere in Germany, I drove the incredibly loud BMW M2 F87 modified by PP-Performance. In this video you can watch the car chasing an incredible fast 750HP Audi RS6 Avant C7 with Akrapovic exhaust system and a beautiful Porsche 991 Turbo S (also tuned by PP Performance). Off course the BMW M2 is the slowest of them all, but I had pretty much fun with it!

This BMW M2 F87 is equipped with a very loud decatted Fi exhaust system and tuned by PP-Performance with upgraded turbo’s, racing filters, stage 2 ECU upgrade and full PP Performance carbon bodykit. Also got this M2 Coilovers KW Suspensions and OZ Ultraleggera concave wheels. This M2 is producing now a monstrous 450HP!

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Gumbal says:

We had so much fun! 🔊🔊🇩🇪

Petr OK1RP says:

17:55 they did not wait for you haha 🥱😸

steffen fischer says:

Unsinn und gefährlich für andere !!!
Sollen doch einfach nur gegen eine Mauer fahren😂


Калина ,лада веста и ваз 2106 примерно так же едут)))

Roger Barrett says:

Can you imagine going this fast in the U.K.- Even if you were courteous and obeyed all road signs and road markings and the roads were free of traffic, you would probably get a prison sentence just for the speeds that these cars reached.

Blackwing Visuals says:

BMW was stood still!!! Can only catch up with a zoom lens!!

Marcin emdzejj says:

I love Sport cars sound! 😁

André Hof says:

watch the fuel on the bmw

Unknown says:

This is the dream.

Raïm says:

The fastest I drove was 265km/h on the autobahn, looking back i think you have a deathwish when something suddenly crosses the road YOU are the road pizza.

TYB Customile says:

Welcom 2021 top speed vs

William Simpson says:

And you can watch the fuel gage move…

SkylineGTR1011 says:

Direkt Führerschein weg bei solchen Schwachmaten, die nix anderes können als mit ihrer Penisverlängerung andere Menschen zu gefährden…👎👎👎

James Abadi says:

Road look scary bumpy for those speeds.

1Mexikaner says:

Fun Fact: There is a couple roads (Toll Highways) where you can drive like this (no speed limit) in Mexico you just need horsepower as most of Mexico is above 5000 ft (1,800 meters) above sea level. Ask me how I know 😉

E A says:

Who won?
The one with the larger fuel tank

Q- pa says:

Die Tanknadel geht schneller runter wie mein Gehalt rauf.. 😉 aber im ernst.. Deutsche Autobahn.. Da musst du schon fahren können. Oder ein gutes Fahrwerk haben.. In NL sind 120 erlaubt. Aber die Autobahn Topfeben..

Tom Pick says:

it's like watching deer playing in the woods… love it!

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