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Toyota Hilux and Jeep Wrangler JK offroading / 4×4

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Our Day Trip to Glass House Mountains. Incl. small 4×4 recovery action at the end.

Toyota Hilux Surf (32 Inch Maxxis Bighorn, 2 Inch Suspension Lift, Snorkel)
Jeep Wrangler JK (35 Inch BFG KM2 tyres, 2.5 inch AEV Lift, AEV Bumpers, Genright Tyre Carrier)

Mad Jeeps Shop

Filmed with Sony Action Cam

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Off Road Extreme Films says:

awesome footage

bryan lopez says:

como se llama la cancion del inicio

Moiz Rehman says:

Fake jeep customised
TOYOTA Original King of 4X4.

S-Guy-R Dark24PinFalls says:

someone put up a link of a jeep traveling the world cuse I haven't found one. Yet you see FJ LandCruisers travel across Africa, Australia, South America and the jungles of India. I've seen crippled FJ40s still move foward. When it counts I'd never put myself in desert of sand or snow with a jeep. But my Toyota has always brought me home even when crippled.

Machine Gun Haylift says:

People who cant afford wranglers buy toyotas

Shannon Price says:

How old is the driver in the Hilux? I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier and really think I could have gotten through those.

bort28 says:

хорошее путешествие. тойота хорошая, вранглер очень хороший. какие колеса у вранглера?

Вячеслав Коновалов says:

Не коректный тест. Не смотрю

M Medley says:


FloppyBit says:

Actually pretty good video

Glen Tunny says:

Reduce your tire pressure to 18 psi. This will double your foot print and give you about double the traction. Would have made the hills climb easier and smoother. Nice Wrangler.

Rabin S says:

This is insane !!! Thanks for ur riding skills it's awsome…

Rabin S says:

I really wanna see a review of 1989 Toyota 4×4 in go 4×4 cause I have one..hope to see

Miguel Calderon says:

learn how to make a good video,I don't want to hear some shit music,I want to see the video and 100℅ hear the engines roar and the tire's spinning.

JamesLeeristaken says:

why don't you have lockers on that wrangler? that's stupid

Carlos Javier Relles Argueta says:

estupidos eso es una runer no un hilux

Carlos Gómez says:

That Jeep is just BEAUTIFUL ! Keep posting more vids man.

addison Lee says:

good job on the editing, can any one subscribe to me

Malik asim Khokhar says:

Suzuki samurai have no competition ..!

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