Toyota Land Cruiser 80 vs Nissan Patrol GQ offroading 4wd 4×4

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Hi everybody,

This time I am uploading a quick edit without music (as requested by quite a few subscribers). Please let me know if I should do more videos without music.


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Location: Landcruiser Mountain Park
– Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (2 inch lift, 33 inch Mud terrain tyres, front and rear Auto Lokka)
– Nissan Patrol GQ (2inch lift, 33 inch All Terrain tyres, rear ARB locker)

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Shayne Lai says:

I love the videos you upload.. its making me really want to get a 4wd for my next car just to be able to go camping and have heaps of room for equipments. When youcan, upload some more of the beach camping videos.

Greetings from melbourne.

Jay Heavylift says:

the nissan driver is fuck at all..looks like no license

Sergio carlos says:

change the tittle … How destruc your 4×4

Алексей Кабатов says:

Проходимость одинаковая, единственный минус у сафаря – это нет блокировок! А у крузака видно что они есть!

Miranda Pepageka says:

Mobil susa hidup

Carlos Rivas says:

The driver from the patrol sucks

Abdullah Khan says:

I love toyota

Joel Caballero says:

Animales manejando

Ahtisham Ulhaq says:

Toyota is the best

robert johnson says:

Holy fuck thay Nissan is a beast. that thing is built to last. strong like ox

MD gz says:

دقيقه ٣:١٣ الله يقهر راعي الاند

dorota koniak says:

wow… that was brutal. love it

артем к says:

Это просто безсмусленное убийство авто

nadir karabekir says:

big animal savage this is not off road

nadir karabekir says:

quality idiot patrol

Максим Обухов says:

Пизда машинам!

Naif 732 says:

سواق النيسان غشيييم

Abdalla Yusuf says:

Nissan petrol is the best vehicle

cabinmadness1 says:

Well.. that was fun to watch…….subbed

Connor Nichol says:

That patrol driver is horrible. Panics constantly and just guns it.

Bo_Hazem says:

That patrol is using H/T radial tires, some mud tries please first.

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