Toyota Land Cruiser Recovered by Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI

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29/04/12 Stock vs stock @ Zig Zag
WATCH from different angle:

If anyone wants to see some real action, please watch this video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it:


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Malik SarmadKhasal84 says:

Fucking bull shitt..stupit driving .no offroad skils



J Wills says:

Use 4WD for the LandCruiser!!!!!!

Mr Kruger says:

A Jeep is a real Jeep

tangled Line says:

That was impressive.

BIG SHAQ says:

Needs better tires.

Rodolfo Ruiz says:

Demasiado inexpertos ambos conductores.

Max says:

How embarrassing, Jeeps are absolute shitboxes. They drive like shit and are extremely unreliable. We have one and the transmission and transfer case have been rebuilt twice, it's a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 110,000kms. The only problem with that landcruiser was the driver.

-Vance- Dun says:

And the Yota driver drove over the strap SMH. That's why i never use my strap on others unless there is no other way. They use their own strap to run over!

MeeeD says:

Toyota my ass

Terry Williams says:

good tires help and a diff lock.

lukas de la barrera says:

Conductores son un CERO A LA IZQUIERDA….

Theresa Wolf says:

carbon before harsh gczhomo invest.

jrg10332 says:

I bet if you asked most of these guys what is different between the two vehicles they couldn't give you more than a few. Where as they have more things in common.

kunal singh says:

just wondering the land cruiser doesn't have rear lockers….that's a shame….if it did had rear lockers things would get a lot easier….

G2 CARROS says:


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mukhtaar siciid says:

hhhhhh its like movei make no realty

Pedrojohan Sifuentes says:


Pedrojohan Sifuentes says:


KuwNova says:

long lasting toyota

Saved Life says:

I thought those older Land Cruisers were supposed to be awesome.

octomotep emotep says:

this prooves a shit

CarNut .kiwi says:

You have a great channel 🙂 make sure your check out my video and subscribe! Thanks 😛

David Herdman says:

the guy in the Toyota is a idoit

Clorox Bleach Concentrated says:

So I see you are the experts im vehicles and i recently recognised a problem in my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011.
I leave car in the garage and go to work. 20 minutes don't as i already hear alarm working so i simply head down and turn it off. However, story still continues. Again alarm started working and i get informed about the unnecessary discomfort i cause for people of residence. I really love the car and i don't want it to have any problems. Maybe you know what's up with this issue? I would love to hear your suggestions!

pete a says:

surprised that the piece of shit American crap didnt snap in half from trying to pull out a real 4wd

Mika Hakinen says:

Nice! 🙂 Name of the song, please?

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