Toyota Land Cruiser: Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Claims “World’s Fastest SUV” Title | Toyota

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The 2,000 hp #LandSpeedCruiser just claimed the title of “World’s Fastest SUV.” Visit to learn about the iconic 4×4.

Land Cruiser, Toyota’s iconic go-anywhere four-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle, has earned myriad accolades and records over the 60-plus years it’s been in production. And now, among them: the title of “World’s Fastest SUV” thanks to a record speed of over 230 mph.


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Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Claims “World’s Fastest SUV” Title | Land Cruiser | Toyota

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tola benz says:

Just patrol


Lamborghini Urus W12 Twin Turbo VS Bentley Bentayga W12 Twin Turbo ? The fastest SUV is Land Speed Crusier. It is crazy speed.

Syed Sarwar says:

Nissan patrol for life❤️

singhizm says:

you don't need to do this blah blah bullshit engineering shit…just take it to Dubai…they do more than this unofficially and without popping anything

TheGhostofMarley says:

Dude no one cares

4wd some says:

And it is still not as fast as the Nismo patrol that’s still a nice car


How if this Technology comes in Pakistan of High speed car manufacturing says:


Zeeshan abbas shah says:

Totota weldone you make very cool land cruiser

MaddoxInc says:

Land Cruiser One-Seven, you're cleared for takeoff on runway one-two..

Durk Durkgang says:

Now I can get to work early

Cam says:

Toyota land cruiser Prado 4WD JAMES BOND SPECTRA STYLE


I beleive the jeep srt trackhawk is the fastest suv


V8 land cruiser

Aon Hussain says:

Is it stock???

11green11 says:

the thumbnail had me thinking it was a ford flex xD

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