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Words give the experience meaning, but a reaction makes it worthy.

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Mill Ke wey says:

0:22 henesi venom f 5 где реалии

Pierre Van Halteren says:

Does not seem very composed this car.

Vorname Nachname says:

Wo is here after shmee?

Alan Watts says:

Americans might be selfish sometimes, but damn, their cars sound absolutely satanic.

be ca says:

This car is for the bold guy 😎

jaitegh singh says:

Lex luthor on xgames

booczech123456 says:

When Mr. Shelby said …I love planes, but I don´t like flying.

Guitarwrist says:

Nice car awful shut lines clunky gaudy vulgar and hasn’t even got 100th of the build quality of a koennegsegg.or put it up to a classic McLaren F1 or an aston Martin one seven yes they are slower but they don’t trade beauty for speed this obviously does.

Isdera1985 says:

Bring that car to the Nürburgring Nordschleife and we will see what this car can really do! 😉 "Power is nothing without control" 😉

mckricks1 says:

Can't believe it is also rear-wheel drive

Danny Bengel says:

Looking at this video makes me so proud to be an American!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Alvian Gilang Sagita says:

My Neighbor Totoro

My Car Tuatara

Fabiano Sauada says:

Driver looks like Thanos

Nickos Bechtsoudis says:

Created by Americans, FOR Americans hahah sorry, it is a pass for me

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