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TVR Griffith 200 – COBRAs for breakfast! Yes,,,we go for a ride!

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Dan Curtis brought his TVR Griffith 200 over, we went for a ride.

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Evo lution says:

Are these steel bodied? No smart ass responses s'il vous plaît

Christopher Barlow says:

That my friends is a beautiful car – truly floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

paul hunter says:

TVR looks like a real sports car that can go round a bend….. so no not an american car – cobra is also a british car as is a gt40

Barbara Falconer says:

I have restored at least 6 series 200s and 2 series 400s and this is by far the worst hack job I have ever seen.

The Clever says:

12.1 second quarter mile…………my 1969 A12 440 six pack roadrunner ran 12.70's without headers and no slicks……after installing headers and some mickey thompson's the car ran 11.80's for a hell of a lot cheaper than what these griffith's sold for.

paul hunter says:

side exhaust look trailor trash

John Smith says:

HEY,that's Forest Gump!

Paul Deverill says:

British body and American engine has always been a good combination – TVR, AC Cobra, GT40, Jensen Interceptor and, er, Tesla to name a few.

TresLinguas says:

Ford those who geek out on tidbits of info, and who may not know, while these are commonly referred to as a TVR Griffith 200 or 400, with most people thinking the make is TVR and the model is Griffith, the actual name is just Griffith 200  or Griffith 400…..the make being Griffith and the model being 200 or 400.

Adrian Tyler says:

I believe the original prototype body for this car was made from two 'Microplas Mistral' bonnets, one for the front and another turned round for the rear. Clever and cheap!

f marz says:

I remember the little plaque on the B pillar that said  "do not open window in excess of 120mph"

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

You have to pay attention when driving this car. Awesome Cobra killer.

Aspie Otaku says:

Bring these fuckers to America we need more muscle variety!

Bill Dumas says:

I wanted one of these little monsters from the first day I saw one in a local dealer showroom. Unfortunately, I was still in my teenage penniless doldrums at that time. On the other hand, I probably would have put it into a concrete overpass pier at mach speed in short order, so possibly, it was a good thing that my dream went unfulfilled.

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