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TVR Griffith 500 Drive

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Small shakedown drive of the TVR Griffith, also testing out GoPro Hero 3 and external mic (Ultradisk 4033 Tie Clip)



GoPro: Hero 3 Silver edition

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Paddy McQueen says:

god I miss those TVR ! epic ! So rare and pure!

tacfoley says:

I was left wondering when it was either going to burst into flames, or simply stop dead…

SaN AnToNiO-Saints Fan says:

Sounds like a S197 Mustang GT with an H-pipe and axle-back.

Ludovic Franc says:

Great Car! What a fantastic sound !  Video is very cool

KevinWorm says:

Thanks for making this great video and for not spoiling it with talking or music. The car sounds fantastic

Fatty says:

Beautiful TVR I own the 1992 4 liter model, I live every close to you in Essex might see you about

- says:

Jesus H, this little beast sounds brutal, love it!

mark griffin says:

Geeez!….I was hanging on for dear life and I'm only in bed with the laptop perched on my knees watching this. Imagine being a passenger!

Michael Kennedy says:

Them silver interior air vents look so out of place

Gavin Farrell says:

God dam sounds so sexy

iBoostHD says:

God damn that V8 sounds good!

MRZ12000 says:

This is a redblood Race Hound ,drive safely

Ted Ahn says:

Very nice. Does the tall transmission tunnel ever interfere with steering or do you have enough elbow room?

David Wilkey says:

bring back memories of my Tasmin – but yours sounds even better. no substitute for cubic inches…

Sheryo the best says:

very nice video, i love griffith 500, thats just sad the way's not empty i wanted to hear this engine screaming more and more, amazing !

Ian Townsend says:

16 grand is not a lot for a car that looks that good & sounds so fantastic

Ian Townsend says:

Go to 45 second that's what a engine should sound like. None of this noise through speakers crap

Lincoln England says:

Great video……..Is that a standard or 'sleeved' exhaust? Cheers Nobby

Aspie Otaku says:

I want to see these race against a Camaro z28 or a Mustang 5.0 GT it would be an awesome race! It just shows that Brits make muscle just like we Americans do! We do get Aston Martins here and they are on par with our muscle cars as well but it would be nicer to have more variety banning TVRs from America is bullshit and stupid!

revega says:

One of my favourite cars… But a TVR driving PAST a fuel stop 🙂 did you fit an endurance fuel tank or something 😉

TheOrgano says:

This may sound like a stupid question, but there was a way to the road right in front of you at the start. Any reason why you went the "long way round"?

Biketwat says:

I have a Tuscie but have to admit the V8 sounds murderous, sheer unadulterated brutality, love it!

Steve Asher says:

AH, this is precisely like the Griffith 500 I had back in the 90s. The same search for reverse. Memories!

stujb says:

This does not sound like you arrive home, it sounds like you return by landing after successful bombing mission in WW2

Gareth Morrison says:

That fucking sound!!!!!!!!!

Nick Sellens says:

I have difficulty getting reverse on my Griff as well! Nice work.

MarcHolsteinPhotos says:

dat sound. amazing.

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