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TVR Griffith 500 flat out

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ALong a 2 mile straight.. roof off.. scaring my passenger

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Nick Fisher says:

Mines really well put together! Feels solid as. Guess mine was a mid week car and you got a Monday morning one 😉 lol

freeclimb64 says:

To be honest: A TVR is the worst engineering shit i ever owned.
But mine sounds good and parents take pictures of their kids beside the car on supermarket parking zones…

Nick Fisher says:

That's funny, I have a TVR chimaera now, and it's been utterly reliable.

Pogost1ck says:

@cavesloth Flat out @ 1000rpm is still flat out.

Nick Fisher says:


From a big lad who can back em up!

Sakis Papamargaritis says:

@Nickthebassist01 big words………..

acalthu says:

@Znitso it's on the right side (both literally and figuratively).

Znitso says:

@HolyFuckinShitBatman Haha wow that came out wrong. Of course i meant that i think the steering wheel is on the wrong side. (i was tired)

lukeshytalker02 says:

lol i tried to keep up with the old man in his Chimera 500 on narrow country road and i was doing 120mph and he was pulling away from me about 130mph, those 5ltr go like f@ck, it wasn't a long stretch

HolyFuckinShitBatman says:

So you prefer your steering wheel on the outside of the car on the right?

You could sit on the windscreen I suppose, or just grab onto the wheel and let your legs dangle in the wind.

Stuart Christie says:

Its a british car remember

Znitso says:

Your steering-wheel is on the wrong side on the inside of the car 🙁

cavesloth says:

flat out? he didnt seem to rev for that long in 1,2 and 3rd?

Richard Harrold says:

Looks like Bruntingthorpe to me…

danzo100dangerous says:

TVR thunder at its best

Rafflersauce says:

looks like 160 or so to me not sure though

Banjo Castro says:

Together with the Audi R8, that's my dream car. RHD, though…

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