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TVR Griffith 500 Ride

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The TVR Griffith 500 with an 5.0 V8 engine. This beast of an engine deliveres 345 bhp, and provides a lot of fun!

Thanks to the owner!!

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Daniel Eduardo Suárez says:

well, as soon as we can they'll have to ship two to Argentina, cause I want one too

mike kapsis says:

yeah, rare and more expensive

aripc says:

They do make some in LHD, such as this.
And thery are rare, no?

macafern says:

I'm buying lottery tickets every month, can't afford to lose the dream of eventually owning one, even if I have to transport it all the way to Argentina. Driving on the wrong side of the road 😉 is an issue, still…

graham w says:

Is the vid about a car or a piece of music ?

The music of the car is enough thanks. 🙁

Mushdi says:

my favorite car over all

Sir Robert Piérre says:

What a beautifull car. the right engine, the right exaust and the right sound + interior and bodywork. for me this is the perfect car! i love it. great job with making this vid!

aughlisnafin says:

my god, what a noise.
I have been a fan of TVRs way before I knew what they were. Nothing turns my head quicker than the glimpse of a TVR. I have promised myself when I can afford it, I will buy one. This video is my justicfication…. well done

oscoe says:

erm not quite, I've owned several TVRS including a Griff 500HC, which is why I was pointing out what a lot of TVR owners/fans don't realise – Peter Wheeler was fond of talking rubbish when it came to engine outputs.

Many get a bit of a shock when they get near a rolling road!!!

(PS congrats on owning one – well done for living your dream etc etc)

graham w says:

The only people who say bad things don't own one.

I do.

Living the dream. 🙂

marco dumbfunk says:

Yep, this is all true. Fortunately the performance figures are not exaggerated so drive and enjoy.

oscoe says:

The owner is taking 'book' 340bhp + 5bhp for the cat (which is reasonable) but sadly 'book' is where TVR got a bit overexcited! Rover V8 TVRs never make book either 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0!
Still great fun tho!

oscoe says:

great vid!
What a great sound these cars make.
(not quite 345bhp though – more like 260-275 for the 5 litre sadly!!!)

GiuseRS6 says:

Thanks to you 😉

GiuseRS6 says:

Great car and great engine sound!

Ps: What is the title of the song?

vibrio says:

sweet sounding engine

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