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TVR Griffith 500 Sound and Drive by

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This is my TVR griffith 500 HC. It’s been fitted with a V8D stealth cam. and the exhaust system is sleeved.

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- says:

When it first pulls off it puts me in mind of Max's Interceptor in 'Mad Max' when he goes chasing after the nNight Rider !

Beautiful looking and sounding car, and still worth quite a fair bit too!

Zak Jansen says:

One of my fave vids ever.Beautiful forest,great sound,great car.A perfect day!
What more could you want?!

stujb says:

The video doesn't do it justice (sorry Moraltomten, no offence) but when you hear these cars in the flesh, my word, it makes your gentleman's place go all funny..

Tracey skipper says:

Such an awesome car, I have one too 99 /500 in Imperial Blue, fantastic sound, a bit louder than mine tho . unbelievable performance at a very reasonable cost.

Franjo Tihic says:

holy moly :-B

Franjo Tihic says:

holy moly :-B

Dodge Viper says:

WRUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! TVR are my british favorite cars.

Shawn Weed says:

It sounds awesome! Nice and meaty!

LeRoiDelaRue says:

Better to have loved and lost …..

TheCarArchives says:

the cars that are related to the 1991-2002 TVR Griffith is the
1992-2003 TVR Chimaera
2008-present Melling Wildcat

Chris B says:

That is one mean growl!!! just sounds pissed off i LOVE it! 🙂

Moraltomten says:

Thank you mate! This is in southern Sweden. Just a few kilometres from where I live!

arebrec says:

Where is that? Talk about a nice quiet road. Well, untill you turned up..lol
Lovely Griff!

Moraltomten says:

Indeed it is! It's an incredible car 🙂

Cameron Mauremootoo says:

A proper British classic!?

HiddenStrangeCookie says:

Sweet potato mato!

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