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TVR Griffith 500 the Supersonic TVR

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TVR Griffith 500 battles Ford GT, Corvette Z06,Ferrari F430, Noble,Lotus,TVR Cerbera, TVR Tuscan, Ruf, Porsche at the Nurburgring and V Max.

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jimmy s says:

ruined by the music.

LeRoiDelaRue says:

My Bluey put out 275Bhp & 345Lbs ft and the slope on the rolling road was SO smoothe cos the Blue was so straight a motor

Miss You Bluey

Thank God for the Blue


scarface115 says:

@hairyarsephillips if it has only 282hp it's not the griffith 500. the 500 has at the very least 320hp. this is probably the 4.3 or the 4.5 if it only has as much as you say it has. definitely not a 500.

Arturo Ruiz says:

@mandscat thanks for the info

Chicken Dipper says:

@hozihu Its not 500 Bhp – the 500 means 5-Litre/5000 cc engine.

kpnutswales says:

why the gay music? would rather listen to the TVR soundtrack

Arturo Ruiz says:

does that tvr actuall has 500 bhp? or thats just the name they gave it???

coopers66 says:

You're right, could be. Didn't consider that the C5 high end corvette was already called the Z06. I thought it still was ZR1, like it's C4 based predecessor, although currently the ZR1 is also a C6 model placed above the C6 Z06. I'm sorry if this sounds confusing 🙂 Are you Dutch by the way (judging from your name)?

Nick Fisher says:

What the hell have you put in it to make it go like that?! A true beast of a TVR. 😀

coopers66 says:

the yellow vette sure ain't no Z06, it's a C5 of some sort. One hell of a griffith though!

StroboKahn says:

What in the hell have you done to your Griff that it hauls that much ass…??? Kicking the F430 in the nuts was awesome to watch.!!
Lovin' TVRs and after watching this I just figured to get mine outta the shed and have a run ;o) Cheers

tvr390se says:

Congrats on the ownership. I'm lovin my tiv.

oscoe says:

E39 M5. More power (and granted more weight), but better balanced, more grip and will outhandle a griff on anything but a bone dry smooth continental strip! Real world point to point in the UK, with the same driver the M5 wins every time. Needs an exahust upgrade to sound half as good as a griff tho!!

Dean Wright says:

as a kid i dreamt of having one now after rebuilding a smashed chimera and using it through summer think it`s just a glorified kit car but love them more feckin awesome

v8griff says:

Can you kindly refer me to these so called facts? a link perhaps? I'll be surprised if you bother. Correct I have a griff, read my reply below, and yes I know some may regard that as me being prejudiced, suppose I am, but I cannot undertsand why people who have never owned or indeed know little about these cars, continually slag them off. Tell me, what can you buy for less than 10grand which competes with a Rover engined TVR? (4 wheels not 2)

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