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TVR Griffith 500 v Ferrari F430 Drag Race

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TVR Griffith 500, Ferrari takes on TVR

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Alistair Kendall says:

The focus is great

Boy Frog says:

Ferrari being raped yet again.

evil Chelsea smile says:

Go TVR, Ferrari haven't made a decent car since the 355

Aspie Otaku says:

I really want to see these in the States they would make great competition with Camaros  Challengers and Mustangs.

TeflonBeast says:

Loved seeing the Griff dust the hell outta the 430. Makes me feel even more smug having a Cerbera that would do the same 😉

Keystroker says:

Complete bollocks, this isnt a drag race its a V max event, the test is the top speed down the 2 miles straight after the big right hander… 


Love it! The car built in a shed in Blackpool destroyed one of Ferrari's finest! Griffith 500-complete and utter animal of a car! 🙂

Richard Burn says:

I miss my Griff. ?

jarrus464 says:

Can't really compare the 2, both compaies do the fast car thing in totally different ways. But what Ferrari need to remember though is this….
"You can't change the laws of physics" not matter how much technology you through into the mix…

NikKast1981 says:

@Nickthebassist01 So you think that building a fast car is hard ? I am asking because TVR is not renowned about the technology used in their cars nor their quality…..

Nick Fisher says:


I think the fact a 20 year old TVR design just shat all over a modern Ferrari that costs 5-6 times as much is proof that it is a match for a Ferrari. And this isn't even the fastest TVR you can get. Sure, TVRs had some issues (not like Ferraris don't spontaneously combust though, is it?!), but you cannot deny that when it comes to making a car that goes like shit off a stick, TVR were up there with the very best, and they always will be.

NikKast1981 says:

@danielbum912 Creativity ? Just the wheel of a Ferrari has more technology and thus creativity than the entire TVR so what are you talking about ? I LIKE gadgets inside the cockpit of a car, i like having a nice stereo, i like having a GPS screen, i like having electronics that tell me when one of the 4 tires has less air, i like having an F1 like gearbox and many more so stop comparing the TVR with a Ferrari. Perhaps YOU like the interior more but it's NOT a match for a Ferraris.

NikKast1981 says:

@danielbum912 What are you talking about ? Have YOU ever sat inside an F430 ? Start from the wheel, move to the dashboard, then at the center, then at the doors and even at the damn bucket seats…The Griffith has NOTHING compared to the F430, unless for you leather and a few gauges/meters are what matters. To me and most people for that matter they AINT.

NikKast1981 says:

Compare apples to apples people…The TVR is EMPTY inside (cockpit) and has half the weight of that Ferrari….

Riles07 says:

@sirarrgh haha not angry man just thought it was funny lol. peace.

sirarrgh says:

@Riles07 oh fuck you did! Sorry, didn't notice! 😛

Riles07 says:

@sirarrgh jesus man I posted that original comment 3 fucking years ago lol. People still reply to it haha. memories …. 🙂

sirarrgh says:

@Riles07 noo that cant be. A 1000cc superbike would have a hard time out accelerating an f40!



thdmtr says:

the most amazing point is that all TVRs are NA. (and no, I didnt said that ferrys arent NA, I'm just saying a random comment about the TVR)

Riles07 says:

@db10001110101 ok ok! I get it jesus tap-dancing christ! I posted that comment 2 goddamn years ago and just this month people are giving me grief over it.

SDPeplow says:

@Riles07 lol

Riles07 says:

@peppers515 Hey man, I'm just stating what Ferrari claimed during the 430's press release. They said with the "launch control" engaged it could out accelerate the F40. :/

I don't believe them either.

SDPeplow says:

@Riles07 The F40 does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. The F430 doesn't out accelarate the F40


crap camerman

jcbferrari says:

@Swayden2kX 1st of all you look like a twat in leathers on a bike 2. its stupidly dangerous and 3. a ferrari is special, beatiful and sounds amazing. 3 reasons why your r6 may be faster, but to 99% a ferrari is far more favourable

Swayden2kX says:

Lol the ferrari sounds like a bike. when are these italian pretty boys gonna learn. I'm 18 years old and my £2500 r6 would eat any ferrari in a drag. I managed a 10.52 quarter mile. what is a tvr capable of?

ifabbott says:

TVR – be aware of expensive slower imitations.

Chicken Dipper says:

TVR for the win!!!!!!!!

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