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TVR Griffith 500

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Driving around the Reading IDR – Berkshire

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dan2e2 says:

Love this video, shame it's not in higher definition with better sound, but hey it's enough 🙂

gav240z says:

I can relate to that, I currently have an FD RX-7 and they have the same mythical reputation around reliability. I think it's all I have a mate of a mate who owned 1 and it was nothing but problems kind of thing. Everyone who talks about them tends to be recycling old tales, not first hand experience.

graham w says:

They were officially quoted at 165mph.

graham w says:

Much of it is myth. I've had 5 V8 TVRs and they were no more unreliable than any other car….when properly cared for.

scarfy1988 says:

Nice vid dude

TheCarArchives says:

the 1991-2002 TVR Griffith was assembled in
Blackpool, England

Mr330d says:

@evtilsley what was the top speed of this when you went to the german autobahns?? 😉

gav240z says:

Are TVR's as dodgy as I hear. I mean in terms of looking after them and getting parts. I mean they look fantastic but I always wonder about build quality and reliability. A car can be amazing fun, but not if you have to re-engineer all the faults it left the factory with. If you know what I mean?

Lord Goarmagon says:

@liamcollister see thats your problem. Instead of hating me because im from across the pond you should be doing something more productive like fucking your girlfriend, oh wait…..Nevermind.

Lord Goarmagon says:

@liamcollister Actually the said buick engine was from the 1930s Einstein. Why is it every time I go to watch an auto video there is some asshole with some broad anti American bull going?

TheHuskyGT says:

Awsome car! But speeding in skinny public roads with a totally unsafe car with no airbags or abs is crazy! And that´s why I love TVR´s!

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