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TVR Griffith: Harry’s Garage | evo DIARIES

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Read about the TVR Griffith on evo: http://bit.ly/tvr-griffith

Harry gives a walk round his TVR Griffith just before his last drive.

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Lewis72 says:

I don't think that the rear end of the Griffith is that clean. the curvature of the rear lamps doesn't match the curvature of the rear body, which always annoyed me… and that the rear lamps seem to be from a Cavalier.

Robert Mintun says:

I think Harry's garage is better than that of Peter Saywell's.  Peter's garage is quintessentially epic hypercar pornography, and is utterly astounding to behold.  Whereas Harry's garage is a wonderfully eclectic collection of cars that he genuinely appears to love and enjoy.  And that is why Harry's garage has that slight edge on Peter's.  Where else can you find a Series 1 Land Rover from 1954, sitting next to a Countach or a Zonda?  Not to mention he seems like a gearhead's gearhead. Not to trivialize or dismiss Peter Saywell nor his collection, but Harry just seems, at least to me, to enjoy his cars more.  And that is what is ultimately important.

Scrustle says:

Love TVRs. I'm really glad they're back from the dead, yet again. Hopefully this time they can actually make a good comeback. The new person in charge seems like he's the right guy.

leloodallasmultipass says:

This guy is doing us all a service by showing us his and his connections' cars. He's a wealthy guy and has the time to show people cars they wouldn't ordinarily come in contact with. If you're a car guy, you appreciate that. Someone has to buy the exotics/high enders and if it weren't for people like Harry, they'd all be a mystery to people who can't afford them.

Grim214 says:

He has a nice fuckin house

kraenk12 says:

back when TVR built good looking cars.

villegas24 says:

beautiful car

villegas24 says:

yay let's all celebrate your envy.


Yay lets all celebrate the rich guy

awesomejpg says:

Fiat Panda.

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