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TVR Griffith start up after winter layup

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Just a little Video and tour of my TVR Griffith 500 following its winter hybernation.
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to make comments

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big500 says:

Cheers….. It's now gone to a new owner..

Our Father says:

Great motor.. Love it.

big500 says:

About 20 to 25

The Antichrist says:

hi love the car roughly how many miles to the gallon does it do?

big500 says:

Hi Danny

I bought this Griff from a good friend of mine, and at the time it wore B16 SOO

He kept the plate, and I bought another one, but Big500 sounded better than Big Sue:-)
Hence the user name…:-)

big500 says:

@Noimad79 Hi there..
I'm an old git, so i just insure for the full year…there are companies that do "laid up" cover, but to be honest, my policy is so cheap its hardly worth the effort so I just run an annual policy

Noimad79 says:

How do you go on insuring a motor like this? I'd love to have a summer car but have not yet found insurance companies interested in doing part year premiums, do they exist?

big500 says:

@NoLaneRestrictions Hi there, I checked out your jaguar video….very nice..

Great to see a true British classic being treasud.. Look after the old girl.

Wesley Bells says:

Wonderful TVR my friend, I love the Griffith and your blue example is the best!!!!!
I own a '95 Jaguar Xj6, please check it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes

gwinterb says:

It makes me want one even more!!1

big500 says:

@SomeoneSmarter Hi there… The Clicking noise is just me pushing the gear lever side to side, to make sure it was in neutral..

ShinyShoes says:

Lovely car. What was that clicking noise just before you turned her over? Pumping the gas?

big500 says:

@danielbum912 Cheers matey… Yep having great fun…

Have a look at my other videos, and you'll hear the new exhaust system

big500 says:

Good for you mate:-) I honestly believe the 450 engine to be one of the best TVR did…. Plenty fast enough, but should be more reliable and smoother than the 500..
Nice one…. Take your time to learn the car, they can bite the unwary, especially in the wet…

Mine should be on the road at the end of March….. Hopefully for the Chatsworth meet…. If you've never been, make the effort, its one of the best TVR days of the year…

quadrophenia3 says:

Hi Big500,
Just a quick update from my previous post. At last I've taken the plunge in the shape of a low mileage, FSH, well maintained 2001 Chim 450, and just love the car. All I need now is some nice weather to really get to know the what she's all about and get that roof down!
Yours hibernating for another year?

mcharman15 says:

Hello. Superb video – these cars are great to own! I have a Chimaera 500 that's living in the garage for winter. Unmistakable sound when you start her up – A check that she's in neutral, turn the key and listen for the fuel pump, and away she goes. Excellent – thanks for a great vid about the Griff 500!!

Stephen Ruterbories says:

do you have to live with 4 bbc channels, do you watch top gear?

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