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TVR Griffith V8 _ A Powerful Beast

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Filmed with a Canon Powershot S120

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Mr.PoopyButthole says:

The way this guy talks. It reminds me of dorf goes fishing.

Simon Booth says:

What Wheel Manufacturer & Front/Rear Tyre Dimensions please..?

Guillaume Vanderfelt says:

Bonjour ! Chouette vidéo, merci beaucoup !
Comment peut-on rentrer en contact avec le propriétaire de cette belle auto ?

Graham Hall says:

Overhead camshafts!!! I think not matey.

buckyandsammy1 says:

Nice video, super car. Ofcourse it's Tvrrrrrrrrr! Thanks for sharing. Belgian? Me too and Tvr too…

joenunzS3 says:

this man loves this car!
this in particular car.

joenunzS3 says:

those front tires tho!!!!

2604Oyster says:

what a lovely car, congrats have fun mate. Best from Germany, always looking for such car.

Frank Fitzpatrick says:

You can keep todays " HyperCars" . Give me a RAW 60's sports car .

rbagel55 says:

Little car, big motor, sounds like fun to me !

tvrduude says:

Fun video. Only error was the mention of twin camshafts. Probably just mis-spoke.

brian donkin says:

Cannot stop watching this VIDEO These early Griffiths sure put the E Type and the other Super cars to shame. Dreaming of a LOTTO WIN to make you an offer you cannot Refuse .The work and time you and others have put into this Beast shows in the Video. Why not make another to keep us TVR owners Proud. !!!!!

John Smith says:

I saw one of these when I was much younger.I LOVED it,I thought it was the greatest car I had ever seen,and I am aware of the Caterham and Donkervoort.this still is one great AUTO.later

Ian Woodcock says:

Nice video and pretty rare car…

Puzzlecat says:

Thanks for the video. Awesome car.

B. Frew says:

Stunning car, thanks so much for sharing!

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

Cobra Killers!

RetroWheels Racing says:

Excellent video , epic TVR

shaun tvr says:

My dream car. i have a 1993 tvr chim. i love tvrs

t cody says:

Absolutely awesome!

Krzysiek Gajewski says:

This is very tough, beautiful car.

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