Twin Turbo Saleen S7 vs Mustang

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2006 Twin Turbo Saleen S7 vs 1995 Mustang GT


Taylor The Chicken Wing Thief says:

My Nova could probably beat a Saleen in a 1/4 mile drag, definately not top speed, but maybe in a 1/4 mile. It pushes around 798 hp. Still need more work to be done to it.

Taylor The Chicken Wing Thief says:

Saleen S7: You still have a lot to learn.

loo bizzle says:

there was no vs there

AANate007 says:

@The05ZX10R glue comes in a bag?

Mission Rebus says:

the guy[s] in the mustang must have been stupid if they thought they could beat a saleen S7 in their little mustang

Grug Crusader says:

yes the mustang would clearly beat the S7 when the mustang goes 60 and the S7 goes 50

matt myers says:

My favorite part was at 11 sec.

bubbyj says:

I thought we were going to see a race…

cskater18 says:

stop saying the saleen wouldve won…this video is him fucking around with a supercar, who the hell do you think would win idiots we all know it already and so does this guy, its a joke

Alexgotnicebody says:

wouldnt be a race, just to show how fast s7 is.

R6-D2 says:

warp speed scotty

Rick Flair says:

i fux wit it good youtube clip

lalo says:

they stopped it that early because that S7 took off like a rocket (:

TheMilari says:

Saleen guy just eats icecream and listens classical music and watches birds… while you are doing some serious "kicking that saleens ass in this pink slip race"

extracredit100 says:

MUSTANG WON!AHAHAHA !ah the guy in the saleen was a good sport for at least gunning it a lil. u really dont see guys with nice sports cars like that jumping on the gas. out of all the vettes i see on the street iv only heard 3 gun it. i would of loved to hear that saleen s7 scream through the street.

nuggetman98 says:

wtf was that??? gay

Oh Yeah says:

I love the way the guy in the mustang let out that, " I know I'm not worthy to share the road with your exotic supercar but will you please acknowledge me " laugh. :>)

Jim Kirk says:

@em2skunk2 A typical Mustang driver, statistically, would have rapped it around a tree and died. lol Just thought I'd let you know.

Smores says:

wow ive yet to see one of these on the road..i think my heart would skip a beat!

xoobis says:

My Manta McLaren would have gone heads up with the S7

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