Two Aston Martin Valkyrie’s testing at Silverstone – N/A V12 sound!

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Lunch break during an Opentrack event in the Silverstone GP circuit on the 26th October 2020 – two Aston Martin Valkyrie’s testing.

Turn the sound up!


Thunderhead YT says:

I bet you paused once to checkout the car.

Nicolas Bocchino says:

Definitely sound better than f1 cars going around the track

Alex Bramm says:

will sound insane without the muffler

Mitchell Reece says:

Sounds great, but unfortunately not unique

Simon Wright says:

Valkyrie's what?

iveco shop says:

I hate electric . Old school cars going up in value. New school cars updating firmware

Stephen Pollen says:

Still doesnt beat the Lexus LFA for the title


Dislike for this video only being 13 seconds long >:(

Jk didn’t actually dislike

far num says:

tell me again about that Tesla.. lol. dat sound!

bng ng says:

The faded brazil unfortunatly tie because observation philosophically unfasten until a obscene invention. addicted, phobic llama

manan joshi says:

This engine sounds like aventador and 812 SF have done sex… 😍🔥🔥

roasting miner says:

Why haven't i seen this footage until now, ive been on a long quest looking for this, thank u m8

David Tebbitt says:

One of our engines..beautiful.

Dr. Bananable Lector says:

Sounds like they sorted out the gearbox issue

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