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Ultimate Koenigsegg Battle! | Forza Horizon 3 | Regera vs ONE:1 vs Agera

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Can the mighty Regera take one the Agera or even the ONE:1?
Let´sCraftTogther ➤ The Racing Monkey


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The Racing Monkey says:

Hope you liked this comparison 🙂

Let me know if there are any more comparisons or other videos you´d be interested to see 🙂
New one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWJ10gT1DDY

Vincent Unbehaun says:

I would pick the one:1

cooljh vlogs says:

I love all the cars

Koneisegg Fan555 says:

I would pick the one 1

Electronix Inc. says:

I think I am still a one:1 fan

KUR1 says:

im a fan of koenigsegg one:1

Ibrahim abuali says:

For me regera like if you agree with me (:

Justice Clark says:

They messed up the regera in this game it’s top speed is 402 km or about 250 mph, not 437kph

NoodlesGuuy says:

I have always wanted to know the background song at 0:52 ……… can anyone tell me please?

Annie Cooper says:

Regera R because the top speed and handling and the pull on it so good

IO TØMMY says:

One:1 i buy this morning?

Gavyn Searls says:

Listen to the Agera at top speed, It put's me in a deep thinking state because of how beautiful the note is.

Quackman Playzz says:

well i bought the Agera out of all of them thinking it would be good but nope it is the worst one. >:(

Subajiny Singaravelu says:

The regera's top speed is 404kmph. It's going over that speed, so you upgraded it you cheater, that deserves a dislike ):(

Siddhant Duggal says:

Koenigsegg one to one vs ford gt vs laferrari vs p1 vs 918 spyder

My name is Jeff says:

Regera Or Agera?

Manjit Kaur says:

How fast can koenigsegg one:1 go?

Xx_Panda_xX Good says:

er du norsk

Moneymoves3 says:

I have the regera and the agera but not the one:1 Ps my fav is one:1

Ben Abbott says:

i like the agera or one:1


are they stock?

Josh TDC says:

I would pick the koenigsegg one although I do like the agera too

Rifle Gaming #2 says:

Koenigsegg one:1 is the best out of them all because it will always out perform the others


My agera r can or pushed to 430

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