Ultimate Subaru Impreza Turbo Sounds Compilation (Anti-lags, Loud exhausts and Redlines!)

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Kevin fitzgerald says:

that first sti sounded like a fucking ccivic

jdm fans!! says:

min 3:22 what kind blow valve is that?

Edgar Castillo says:

Closest thing ill ever get to a supra

zEMINEM - says:

1:53 parece o RJ

Hard on Thots says:

My Forester faster

zorpio says:

1:47 is a skyline r32, thats not a subaru, report video for misleading title

surf403 says:

Im on board with these cars and just love the WRX Sti's! HOWEVER, the duchebag at 1:48 thats just sitting there amongst all those people, and he's popping the shit out of the car, DESERVES TO BE DRAGGED OUT AND HAVE THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM!!

Adolf Shitler says:

3:15 yeah it sounds cool but I don't like what I'm looking at. I view people who go single frontmount intercooler on a wrx the same way I see people putting v8s in BRZs and RX-7s. I prefer the scoop on the hood to actually be doing what it's meant to

TheSupraFanboy says:

Damn I love a good Subie

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