Unboxing the McLaren Speedtail…

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Clip from Lew Later (The Worst Apple Products of All Time) – https://youtu.be/4OqylQPuMLA


Marcus Bustos says:

It's shitty one, I got one and is the worst experience.

Gra says:

Electrochromic Glass

Michalis McLaren says:

Mclaren has the best super and hypercars in the world…!!!!!

Mika Hakkinen

Rod M says:

Manny Khoshbin has already unboxed it here:

– way back on 1 March – Bit slow off the mark Lew.

ShaneBigFella says:

I love the McLaren Speedtail, and it will only skyrocket in value like the F1

TPSS Rajwinder says:

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jake milani says:

Manny Khoshbin did unbox it on his channel and his car is absolutely gorgeous
and its Hermes edition

Shorya Jain says:

That reaction though, “Did he show it off that too” 🤣😅

Halo Halo says:

The design of mclaren is on fire

Secular Talk says:

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PhillyCheeseSteaks says:

Top gear (yes the dumb version) did an f35 fighter jet vs speedtail race

Kenneth Shaaka says:

Speaking of……

Julien Lindauer says:

2:36 "It's so unique" bro, that's a Tesla Roadster on the front and a Regera on the back.

Anthony Garcia says:

Take a look at manny’s and make a video his is awesome

TikTok Videos says:

Did you know that you should pay extra for your car to ship with the crate as @Manny Khoshbin Said

Ferd Isaacs says:

ugly car ha ha ha

Ivan Kranjc says:

Electromagnetic sunroof was invented in Mercedes in 2013-14. And it is calles SPD. It is quite standard equipment on upper level vehocles in their range

Blaz Novak says:

Manny is the answer

Swaraj Rajegore says:

I own that vehicle

In asphalt 9

Alexis Marrero says:

I love when they take a pic with the nose lift system activated. SMH 🤦‍♂️

Mushy Cookies says:

EAGLE SPEEDSTER is, and will ever be the coolest and most beautiful Car ever existed.
…but this Plastic-Bomber is also nice 😊

Play Boi says:

It's almost looking like d Tesla's cybertruck

Leonard LFB says:

The speedtail is soo mental! Alone the central driving position is unreal!

Abdul Rahman says:

I want more automotive content from that channel

Something Hot To Watch says:

Julius Dein, the most fake video ever

Jason Gooden says:

Finally a McLaren that looks different.

Anmol Dhale says:

It looks a little bit like a cybertruck

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