Underworld: Supremacy (Aston Martin Valkyrie) – Day 7 (Right of Reply) + Modshop | NFS:NL – SE Guide

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A massive breakout in Blackridge Penitentiary; Gina D’Angelo and old blood of the Underworld has broken loose! Reunite with Bridget to beat the mob as she seeks to help her friend (Garry) out of the Underworld, and win Aston Martin’s first ever hypercar ‘Valkyrie’ in Need For Speed No Limits.

• Hunter Events 1, 5, 9 & 10; Slightly drift from the start of the race to gain nitro boost, use nitrous on straights to gain further distance. Drift wide while cornering to avoid losing speed.
• Pursuit oriented Events 11, 12, 13 & 14; Avoid bumping into BRDP cop cars unless you have what it takes to takedown multiple police units!
• Event 14; Dodge x3 ESF.

Learn what’s new in ‘Underworld: Supremacy’ update ► https://bit.ly/39cdrrl
Underworld: Supremacy (Valkyrie) SE Materials Spreadsheet ► http://bit.ly/3t1DUQk

Play Need for Speed™ No Limits:
AppStore ► https://apple.co/3nRA8X8
Google Play store ► https://bit.ly/3k3TS7C

Day 7 Event Timestamps;
00:00 – Day 7 | Right of Reply
00:23 – PR walls & Kits info
00:32 – Staging 5★ Valkyrie
00:40 – Event 1
02:03 – Event 2
03:58 – Event 3
05:22 – Event 4 | Replayable Race
06:21 – Event 5
07:57 – Event 6 | Replayable Race
09:30 – Event 7
10:47 – Event 8 | 920 PR
12:04 – Event 9
13:04 – Event 10
14:58 – Event 11 | Replayable Race
16:04 – Event 12
17:34 – Event 13
18:34 – Event 14 | Replayable Race
19:56 – Event 15
21:13 – Unlocking final PR wall
21:42 – Event 16 | 932 PR
23:05 – Winning Aston Martin Valkyrie!
24:48 – MechXP & Modshop parts

Music used:
Hybrid ► https://bit.ly/3kiVIkm
• Power Curve (Segal Remix)
• All Torque (Elite Force Remix)
• Tunnel Vision (Xcalibr Remix)
• All Torque (F Buttons Remix)
• The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix)
• All Torque (Hybrid Remix)

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idu 7722 says:

Wooh, world game

Chavez Chavez says:

I don’t get it. In underground rivals I’m racing the same car with a lower PR and I get a perfect launch and they fly ahead of me. How is that possible? Is there a way to get a better launch? Obviously but I don’t know what it is.

FIFA T.V. says:

Event 1 and the PR is 917
Power of gold….😏

hunghp09 says:

I really not like this car but i still want to have it for compete with Hellcat and F50 . I waiting Ssc tuatara , or Jesko to against Venom F5 . Anyone same me?

Areeb Butt says:

I just got this today it looks sick

Rev Anims says:

To be brutally honest, this event lowkey "sucks" from Day 1 to 7. Mainly because you basically just cruise around with Bridget and just some pep talks until you and Bridget both got fucked over anyway in the end. Hell, even the new Devil's Run didn't feel like "Devil's Run" at all. Just racing with crew members all the way to the end of the event and it all ended to a cliffhanger. It's a good thing the cars for both of these events make up for it otherwise they ain't worth playing for.

No hate for this game tho. Just wishing it could be more intense. I also expected we could race some "black cars", escaping from Garry, Sam and Gina in the end of Day 7 if nothing else. It would make the Underworld feel like "Underworld". But hopefully future events can become way better than this. Still enjoy this game for what it is.

PhxntomX says:

I got so close but I wasn’t able to upgrade PR in time

Lotfi Khelloufi says:

If i had that much gold i'd finished it too

kajol khan says:


Guille Schneider says:

Damn dude,there is a nfs recap of all the history and lore about the game?
This is really good

Your Friendly User says:

BRPD was able to take control over the Devil’s Run and the crews and now, Underworld is back with vengeance. I’ll look forward for the next update. Things are getting interesting again.

andika gaming says:

the game that you made is really weird there is no network even though I have turned on cellular data and wifi But Still Stuck Logo What happened try to explain 🥺🥺

Dub Memer says:

I was able to complete day 6 but not day 7 it's just too long and I try watching ads for tickets but they ran out quickly it's really tuff

JFKhimself 1 says:

didn't complete it, don't like the car too

Thakur 01 says:

Added Gary too in thumbnails nice. I enjoyed SE storyline but SE races could be more interesting if they would add Gary's Regera as we are driving a hyper car but Gary was interested in Guns rather than Cars.

Alex Sohan says:

Oh shi,I didn't even completed it!

JorgGamingCR says:

4h to go on my game and only a race to win it…I thought I was not going to be able to unlocked it, I'm now waiting for a damn ticket.

EDIT: I got it, a hard week, I also was playing the Beck kustom F132 event and I got it too.

Low kien horng says:

god damn it i wasted too much time on day 1 to day 5 and at this point i've only started day 6 =55percent progression. guess i wont be able to grab this car lol. good luck to everyone still grinding though

Roschinante 39 says:

Damn event 13 is really hard

ICY11 says:

Hey man just would like to ask how do you farm so many credits in a short time?

Jordan Visperas says:

I wait a time for day 7

Jordan Visperas says:

Fast dat 7 agad

Arroyo Calderón Jareth Antonio says:

Damn, bro this event was so sad, i hope the story continues soon. Meanwhile se will enjoy this new and awesome car!!!

Jonathan Tan says:

And the plot thickens, guys. I thought this would be the storyline's finale but here we go again.

Chavez Chavez says:

This is the weirdest car I’ve seen. The front is hollow and shit. It should fly off jumps more.

Chavez Chavez says:

Oh. I thought that was MPH for a second. Was like WTF. How do you go 400. Lol.

Chavez Chavez says:

Oh. Only 932. Another really easy one. I like it. Haven’t had to spend any gold in the last few. Getting my GTR to 850 for campaign was really fucking expensive.

Nhylle Dy says:

Why isn't the next SE showing up after you completed this event? It says "Coming Soon".

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