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Urus: The world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle

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Urus is here, with the raw power of a Lamborghini super sports car, and the versatility and functionality of an SUV. Exquisite design, stunning performance: Urus is everything you’d expect from Lamborghini. https://lam.bo/urus_yt

In the city streets. On off-road tracks. In challenging weather conditions: Regardless of the setting, Urus delivers pure Lamborghini emotions, in absolute comfort and safety.

Unveiled in our headquarters of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Urus marks the beginning of a new journey, for us. A new journey, but the same distinctive expertise, passion and vision that have accompanied us from the very beginning.

Urus: A SSUV capable of opening new roads, of pushing the boundaries of car creation. We’ve made it possible.


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matt says:

if you guys want to test impact damage i’d let you hit me with it

Secretly Lost says:

I thought the comment section would be a little more mature lol but it’s noy

Pupun Samadhia says:

There's something creative in every Lamborghini ads i see.

Mikey Moriarty says:

Ugh. It’s so ugly

aaron yuan says:

So much cringe. Awful writing. Which hashtags should I remember or use?

Skufi Hope says:

When is this car going to be available in my country SOUTH AFRICA

iMassage says:

Buying this car is impossible until they make the price possible

- ewwnique - says:

Lamest ad ever. So repetitive. The car's awesome though.

Beutiful Los Angeles says:

0:05 Why is it mixed with Chinese and Japanese?

Eddie Lai says:

0:23 "6"
0:57 black triangle
1:10 figure six
1:30 six people walking

illuminati confirmed

john shakur says:

Way to go!! Just like Mazerati, you have officially outscrewed yourselves..

john shakur says:

Now who gonna be the first to do a one-on-one with the Jeep Trackhawk? Coz shits ugly af..

C Marz says:

Now all you need is a FR layout GT car in your lineup


I hate when I see this in Forza Horizon 3, all the noobs use it

G Q P says:

Can’t wait to not buy a super fast rav 4

YOUSE says:

SSUV has been born

Thereal MVP says:

They released some sketches and design ideas 10 years ago , why did it took so long ?

Gregor Brown says:

Lamborghini making an SUV is a disaster for the companies reputation. I really hope Ferrari doesn't follow suit and tarnish their image like Lamborghini have done with this POS. ( Life long Lambo fan if you were wondering)

simonwest1977 says:

Looks like a VW beetle on roids? 😐

Smile says:

I’ll trade 3 hot pockets for that car

DancinCoolPz says:

Waiting for years

SLG AND ELG YouTuber Pros!!!!!! says:

Lamborghini I thought the urus will come at 2019

Artur Chmiel says:

we can decifer only 26% of our dna so if they've used it for this up then this car is only 26% of what it could be"since they made it possible "

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