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V12 action in the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera / The Supercar Diaries

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The Supercar Diaries #38 / Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Just when you think they can’t make yet another great supercar, Aston Martin steals the show again with a mix of muscle and magnificence in their super styling DBS Superleggera. We take it for a drive.

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Seamus Mcfitz says:

What a monstrosity of a vehicle…cartoonish

Milko Vivaldi says:

Jaguar interiors are better

Kaizer Sozay says:

I just became a millionaire…. So where can I purchase one of these?

T B says:

I will pick this over a ferrari or lambo

gesh Giriyal says:

So nice all bikes & cars.

Bumblebee says:

Omg. Which color is that? Porn..:D

Christo Paul says:

I don't like it as far as it stays in your hand… I like it when it's mine 🤣🤣🤣

ISAAC says:

what is the name of the colour on the Aston?

Ricardo pessoA says:

Good Job!

Congratulations 4 the awesome work´s!

Um abraço de homem, RicardoPessoa👑

Mudassar Bashir says:

250m dollars for this model in red . 100m dollars for delivery delivery in pak.
500blion dollars for Austin Martin corporation 🌺💐〽️👍

Jacob Bhattacharjee says:

Its too gentlemen to drive this car
I won't be surprised if it pulls out a suit when we start the engine

Eric Tan says:

what soundtrack is it at 03:00? Thanks

Jonnny Ren says:

Any Aston in metallic gray Jesus a-Christ is drop dead gorgeous. I just saw one in the flesh the other day and I literally screamed and fangirled like a teeny teenager.

Never have I ever fan frenzied over a car before. I mean I've seen Ferraris and Lambos and even drove an SLS AMG roadster but any Aston is just a love story to me. Seeing this one in particular in metallic gray I tell you, it is just love at first sight.

L. Mpatamali says:

is that a south african accent i hear?

Wood and resin Designs.c o m says:

I drove this car yesterday and I got to say it drives as easy as a golf but put your foot down and " poo".🤣

Abhi says:

Shitty interior

Ahmed Awad says:

soundtrack ?

Aris Manto says:

What debate week on luck bro to tab boureit luck

Aris Manto says:

You jenius lifis is weel

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