Valkyrie Is ALIVE! World's First Onboard Drive!

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This is the Aston Martin Valkyrie – a 6.5L 1160bhp V12 hypercar designed in collaboration with RedBull advanced technologies. Today i’m sharing an exclusive first drive on-board the Valkyrie prototype which has formed the test bed for all production Aston Martin Valkyries when they enter production in 2020.

Massive thank you to @Michelin for the exclusive access to this ground breaking collaboration!

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Mr JWW says:

So here is the Aston Martin Valkyrie! While this isn’t the finished production car it’s the best look yet at the Aston Martin Valkyrie in action – further in the video is on-board of Darren Turner, Aston’s factory racing driver giving the car a good shake down in the wet! This is what 1160bhp looks like in adverse conditions! This is a massive milestone in the Valkyrie story and it’s got me SO excited to share the first drive with you from a final production car next year! Watch this space 😜

Panerai Ferrari says:

where do i put my golf clubs 🙂 this is all nonsense, a golf has all the performance you need on public roads. so make a track car for the track and stop this waste of resources and energy. make a supercar for $60,000 and then that's impressive

Machine Avatar says:

This Spec on the Aston Martin Valkyrie which Mr JWW is walking and knowing through is the best Spec Valkyrie ever, even in 1000 yrs (if humanity will survive) this Spec will live in People's mind forever❤️

Carchoc says:

Buy an lmp3 car remove the restritors from the engine and aero and there you go you have a cheap walkyrie!

Braaidude says:

I'd love to see a showdown between this and the GM T50…

David Davis says:

It may be a step too far, like a formula one car with a body of a sports car. However i’d have one, if someone want’s to buy it for me!

Sakkra101 says:

I love the name, "Valkyrie". Named after the warrior women employed by Odin to bring his chosen warriors to Valhalla.

nathan B. says:

those headlights makes me remind of ford gt

Arifullah Amanullah says:

Somebody really loved their hotwheels car!

Stevan Zdravković says:

So roughly told this car is what could be done if FIA mitigate rules, and AMG ONE is based actually on existing rules but on road car. Both mama mia. We wait for ferrari to do job like this.

Fjandro 9 says:

Best cat in history

Papa bhoy says:

come n c me valkyrie .(aime🍷🏠)

Helipeek says:

It’s a bit RED isn’t it?

TRAXXAS58 says:

Listening to this video with headphones on is a fucking mess.

Izzat Zakwan says:

I think this car looks and sounds more like F1 than the AMG One

bitchoflivingblah says:

It's a teardrop with 4 wheels sticking out.

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