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Venom F5 SPEED Test – Real Racing 3

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Here we take out the Hennessey Venom F5 for a test drive. I fully upgraded it to see what it could do.

My standard race settings are Tilt B, Sensitivity 2, all assists off.

Real Racing 3 https://www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3


GRANT Z G2 says:


CanadianDeplorable45 says:

Any fixes for the new update. Seems throttle cuts out with all cars now mid race, and bots disappear backwards instead of ghost accelerating. Yes I have reset phone, re and re settings, as well as tried many different older races and cars in game. The bot thing I'm fine with, but currently I have been told the game just outdated my device. Whats up ? Far to many years invested. Any help would be great. Thanks

Muhammad Masud Tarek says:

Me7 why aren't you doing a face reveal after so many years…are you The Stig from Top Gear

Braemen Twitchell says:

Are cars stopping when you pass them in endurance races? Because they are for me…

Salvador Deleon says:

I wish I could afford to fully upgrade , so hard to collect gold!!!!

Bobo vieri says:

Is it a car or a fighter plane?😄😄😄

Mark Chardain says:

I don't know if you know F1 invitational 2019 gives 15600 fame and 83000ish ms,I do circuit of America 8 laps 1:20 average lap but what sucks is no agents!

Paul Jr. Harrington says:

The only other car capable of this will be the Jesko Absolut. I’ll even be fine if just the Jesko track car is added.

Michael Scofield says:

@ME7 : I think developers have removed the ghost draft effect in endurance races in this update , as soon as you pass the car's the ghosts are immediately disappearing and aren't trying to overtake. Can you confirm if this is correct !?

D.W4RR10R.1 says:

Koenigsegg agEra rs thinks he's a beast….

Morillo Victor says:

does a way to create a race exits in this game ?
keep the good content. the RR3 youtubers are so rare.

Abhirup & Co. Official says:

Wowwww! Horribly super fast 😜!!!

Carl AJ Chan says:

hi, ME7, just wondering if you know what happened to the ads waiting time and the frozen ads buttom problem lately? I was trying to watch the ads to cut the service time, but somehow it has to wait like 2 mins long to watch the next ads. and the ads buttom also freeze sometime for watching the second gold ads, sometime it freeze for the first ads. do you have any ideas for this problem? I saw a lot of players also experiencing the same problem, but no solution so far.

Muhammad Masud Tarek says:

by the way Me7 is your real name Randomious Personicus
EDIT: wish me luck please i just started the one on 1 event and hope that i will be able to give Magnus a wall stuck like Me7🤣🤣

່ Awlentful says:

I've achieved a speed of more than 520 km/h with this car by tuning

Troll 1 says:

I hope that they will add exclusive serie for this car. I won't max it soon but you know it would be dissapointing if they won't add exclusive to this spaceship on the wheels

Micha K says:

Nitro ghosts – endurance race are gone 😁

Muhammad Masud Tarek says:

i think in real life if the car went this speed the tires would be like vanished

Chan Hau Yin says:


Zak's Gaming Lab says:

The f5 is so fast

Bo Andresen REAL RACING 3 says:

🤣 dang….

Eric Pouilles says:

A bit frustrating this car.. You spend more time braking than accelerating…

Aris1956 says:

The problem is being able to keep it on the track at certain speeds.

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