Venom F5 vs Agera RS vs Chiron: Battle for the 300 mph Max Speed Record

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If you are into cars you must have heard about the recent premiere of the supposedly new world’s fastest cars Hennesey Venom F5 and Bugatti Chiron. However, both of these automobiles have not proven their skills on the track yet, mostly on paper, while the third kid on the block, Koenigsegg Agera RS has been making news late in 2017 showing some unearthly performance. Today, we wanted to compare these hypercars in terms of speed, acceleration, design and price and let you decide which one is the best and deserves to become your favorite.


Automotive Territory: Daily News says:

UPDATE Venom F5 and Agera RS UPDATE
We have to admit that some of the Hennessey Venom F5's and Agera RS' specs were underestimated by us. Agera RS has just broke the world's top speed record and it is now 285 mph (457 kmph). And Venom F5 is actually more powerful with 1600 hp and estimated top speed 301 mph
Here are the ful updated specs for the Venom F5:
Price: $1.6 mil
Engine: 7.4 Liter aluminum V8 twin turbo
Power: 1600 bhp (1622 hp/1194 kW )
Torque: 1300 lb-ft (1763 N-m)
Curb weight: 2950 lbs (1338 kg) with all fluids
Top speed: 301 mph!!!
0-60 mph: 2.0 secs
0-186 mph: <10 secs
0-250-0 mph: <30 secs

Letlotlo Xanti says:

F5 is the best

KontaPingvin says:

Meanwhile today, the chiron breaks the 304 mph milestone…

Deno Wallace says:

buggatti fast

Barbara McElroy says:

Rimac and toyota should be there

Zed The Killer says:

Agera is the best car in the world😍

toseke chirstmas orca says:

is Bugatti a sports car or a hyper car

RG Meade Jr says:

Hennessey venoms are going to win

RG Meade Jr says:

Hennessey venoms

Lol Hi says:

Bugatti Chiron 300 mph
Hennesey Venom F5 290 mph
Koenisgegg Agera RS 285 mph
Chiron Sport 312 mph
Hennesey Venom F5 301 mph
Koenigsegg Agera RS 285 mph

Frosty Doggo says:

f5 the Chiron killa

Richard Hedd says:

Concorde was faster than all of them! 1200mph easy!

gullapalli narasimha rao says:

Bugatti Chiron is soooo stylish 😊

gullapalli narasimha rao says:

Bugatti chiron the fastest

Riou GD says:

USA (Hennessy) Sweden (Koenigsegg) And Bugatti (France or Germany).

cloud chaser says:

That is the sickest corvette you will ever see . Good choice Hennessey to use the vett. The last venom was a lotus.

George Kolotouros says:

I love that yellow .

NexisFilms says:

I'm sorry Burgundy what ?!…

aman nouri says:

Devel Sixteen 360 mph


Only F5 is real

Manas Vijay says:

Bugatti kills everyone

Eric Smith says:

I say lets race 2 mile drag race then we will see whos the boss

Showbis Sydney says:

Hennessey never seems to back up any of the critical claims and when they do it's all hypothetical mambo jumbo.
Every time they talk about speed records they say it "can do" and not officially "has done".

Tricia Arya says:

The chiron can do 310 mph but it is limited

Lionel Messigician says:


Man-Pause says:

F5 still a prototype.if not provide a real video like Chiron or Rs. i am not stupid, not even tested yet idiot

Man-Pause says:

F5 still a prototype.if not provide a real video like Chirron or Rs. i am not stupid, not even tested yet idiot

Cesar Alexandre D ottaviano says:

Aint the bugatti vision gt better then both of them?
idk about it because i've never heard about its specs.

Swoopz says:

Welp you can all fuck off about these 3 cars because They all got Destroyed by the 348 mph Devel Sixteen. Bitch.

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