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Volkswagen Golf R DSG vs Renault Megane RS

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http://www.facebook.com/GTBOARD Volkswagen Golf R DSG vs Renault Megane RS

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J.F .M says:

Mégane RS > Golf R

LBM Turbo says:

GOLF R power !

Nikos Basha says:

There is not even comparison … Obviously the German power is much better than French???..Golf ❤❤❤

David Lacina says:

Compare to Golf R, the noise comming out the Meganes exhaust is so funny 😀

Dominique Blondeel says:

Do that again but starting from a standstill or in wet conditions. The megane will be in the rear view mirror.

Maxxxshop says:

War of the shopping carts.

Domagoj Mađarić says:

I have a megane rs and my friend hawe a focus rs, but i honestly think that megane is better than focus and golf becouse is so fun to drive and chassis is very strong. Focus is better on highway, megane on corners and golf is every day car but still fun.

CoryXJ6'er says:

I have an rs250 mapped to 300 bhp, my colleague has a golf r dsg with 297bhp an the golf launches so much faster and is a lot more brutal, will be down to the 4wd. I'd honestly say the golf feels a lot happier to launch then my megane. the golf is also a nicer drive. but in the corners the megane seems to be easier to predict and push on the limit. both great cars.

DiecrisVR6 says:

Hi, Gustav.
fåtal hästkrafter har Megane sport?
250 hp? 265 hp? 275hp? 1000 hp? 🙂

Steve says:

Wow! I thought the R faster than that. It has more HP and DSG but the Megane is a great car with much racing experience behind…

Telgas016 says:

oh this is awesome … the german quality is here, or behind the french … !

John Iosis says:

If the golf was manual,it would be 2-3 cars behind

LisztianGR says:

Holy shit, that must be the most even race I've ever seen…

MetroTM says:

VW marketing performs better than their cars, nothing new. 10K more, the same shit, with the same bosch, siemens, etc electronics. What a fuckin scam

Lyess ! says:

Bmw 335 286 ch golf r 270

shokowan says:

the MRS  is not made for drag!

Pedro S. says:

Nice race, i though,in drag, the golf had advantadge, but, they are equal. Both cars are nice and good, a bit different, the golf is pratical, but the megane is funniest. If we want a funniest car and bit more daily day drive, buy a megane st220,

cezar iulian says:

If Renault has a bad selling policy it doesn't mean it can't build something more performant than VW. Renault has a history in motorsport i don't know if this is quite the case with VW

TourdeFrance20131 says:

the renault is just the stock megane rs 225    its light got some good power a good engine and gearbox   and track experience with racing.   

Lavish Beats says:

265 or 250?

grahamek86 says:

Jesus, the amount of clowns here who think it's "amazing" a 250bhp Megane keeps up with a 266bhp Golf. First off, do we know if it's the RS250 or RS265? Secondly, the Golf weighs 1550kg with the DSG transmission. There is far more "car" in the Golf – the Megane is just a Renault with the typical weight saving tricks (i.e no quality materials) to make it that bit quicker.

I'm pretty sure the novelty of owning the Megane would wear off when it comes time to sell it and realise you're getting absolutely fuck all for it.

Greg N'Fresh says:

Focus RS MK2 > Volkswagen Golf R DSG > Renault Megane RS 【ツ】

lordoftheriffs79 says:

Lightness is the key. A FWD Scirocco R trashes the Golf R

fondeur says:

That might be true.. But the R has a lightning quick gearbox, and technically is always on boost since rpms dont drop between changes.

nsxcsl says:

Is it? The Renault is noticeably lighter, and doesn't have the drivetrain loss…

Joly Christophe says:

La golf est décidément dépassée. Il faut que WV se refasse une santé… La golf s'essoufle devant une voiture française !!!
J'attendais mieux que ça de WV !!!

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