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Volkswagen Golf vs Mercedes A-Class vs Audi A3 vs BMW 1 Series – Auto Express

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Taha King says:

BMW ! ! ! ♥

AAron Thom says:

The Audi A3 is beautiful inside but it's so dull and uninspiring outside. Dull and unexciting to drive too. My favourite is the higher spec'd M BMWs

Simon Vuille says:

The BMW wins the as*hole category, I swear every time I see one it's driven even more dangerously than an A3. I don't see them as premium cars but more as cars people buy when they can't afford a C-Class/A4/3-Series but still want that badge. I'd definitely take a well optioned Gold.

Palmer, By Taylor says:

I'm not entirely sold on Mercedes. Clunky 4 cylinders, awkward looks on cheaper models, not brilliant to drive. Give me the BMW

AlexGhila says:

dude you put 2.0 tdi 150 hp vs 1.6 and 1.5 ?

mick21 says:

Golf the best !!!!!!!!!!!

MrUbermenchen says:

Proud of my golf7 150hp kicking other cars butts

Imran khan says:

golf is just PERFECT

Francesco Ferrara says:

Mercedes= dacia sandero

Tony Ademi says:

Why couldn't u take a 1.6 L Golf, but the 2 L Golf. You can't compare these cars like this. It is a very unfair comparison.

Gerhard L says:

The BMW is a rear wheel drivers car. The others have fun while scratching with chicken…

Lucas Telonic says:

Am I the only one who likes the Golf?

Zaid Temsamani says:

to compare the bmw118d with vwgolf 2.0tdi you used to choose the audi A3 2.0 tdi 150hp and the Mercedes A200

aufdemtrip says:

Im a huge Mercedes Fan but the A3 is the best looking car here.

Sam Durling says:

Would rather have an a3.. It's boot is as big as the golf and if you avoid the sport suspension it's comfy enough too and it will hold its value better when you come to sell it. All of this in addition to it having the best interior which is where we all spend the most time in

David Hayes says:

It seems like quite a sensible comparison. All vehicles are pretty good and price does matter. That VW engine may have cheated nitrogen dioxide emissions but it allows for decent overtaking on A roads.

Muhammad khan says:

the golf won

bushtucker88 says:

vw roof liners droop only after 4 or 5 years of ownership. and it is a king of rattlers. beware.

Daniel Niculae says:

I won't get a VW even if I drive a Logan all my life.

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