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Volkswagen Scirocco R vs Renault Mégane RS road test – English subtitled

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Han Jackal says:

Megane is made for the tracks…Scirocco for daily driving. If you change the suspensions of scirocco to coilovers, it will out perform the Megane.

jeffrey veyron says:

the megane is the best,but the normal vw scirocco looks better than the scirocco R

desert eagle says:

better or worse,who cares. just buy and drive the car you like. the end

bbullock41617 says:

The Megane is the ugliest car going and its french so its bag of shit, the vw is german so its is properly made and looks sick 

Nuno Jesus says:

scirocco pra sempre… simplesmente vw e não é só marketing. quando a Renault conseguir fabricar automóveis como os alemães eu compro 1 até lá não me conseguem convencer…

abd allah ashraf says:

Megane is the best hot hatch at the moment.

Ryan Formosa Holt says:

i prefer the megane sport for sure

Димитър Денчев says:

Renault is a car with a pussy on the bonnet:X

jim6267 says:

Actually I don't like renault but I can admit that 8:16.90 is a good world RECORD in your country.Think about it german guys 😉

Markanaldo says:

scirocco R much better car

Angelos says:

i fully agree, it is a beautiful car and amazingly quick car. i lowered my 0-100 to 5.8. she eats gti's, st's and opc's for breakfast.

kouzoulos krhtikos says:

yeahhh german power

Fatlum Qosaj says:

Still, germans have better cars

FRX23 says:

I don't tried the Meg RS but i think it has better performance overall.
I'm french but i choose Scirocco R as my purchase because it's better aesthetic and quality (according to me).

pal wri says:

I have the rs 250 now, last car was mitsubishi evo 8 MR 340 , Rs 250 for me is just best car ive owned so far , i hope they do a stripped out version like the r26r


thats a fact sir… german cars ARE better build than french

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