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Volkswagen up! GTI 2018 – as good as the Mk1 Golf GTI? | Top10s

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Volkswagen has revealed the new up! GTI at the Worthersee festival. With 115hp and a kerb weight of just 997kg, it’s promises a character to match the car that started the hot hatch craze: the iconic Mk1 Golf GTI. Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should be excited by the 2018 launch of this pocket rocket.

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Shaun Mbhiza says:

Would've loved to have this in South Africa.

Timoteo Martocci says:

8.8? The Honda HRV 1.8 CVT Does it in 8.9!

Jack Strood says:

Please review this car in person!

It definitely lives up to the name of Car of the People

jldude84 says:

Just saw this on the Grand Tour. I really like it, but 115hp is a bit lacking, even for it's small size. I wouldn't expect regular GTI power, but I would've preferred at least 140. 8.8 seconds is not anything-GTI territory. That's 10 year old 4cyl beige Camry grandpa car territory.

thor-egil Solvang says:

Make one of those competition and try this against the other matching class cars ?

Craig’s Bodybuilding says:

If this came with LED projector headlights, rear disc brakes and the option for a DSG gearbox id be pre ordering it now. I’d be willing to pay the extra for the options that would make the car look a lot more premium. It looks like a budget GTI using dated technology ?

SuperMariosCousin says:

You're all missing the point of the car. It's good looking, a sporty GTi and most importantly it'll be cheap to run and insure.
Any young driver in the UK will know how expensive car insurance is already ( a polo gti is in group 30 out of 50) this will no doubt be in an insurance group around 15-16.

Neo VeNoM says:

This car has one goal, sell towards people who have heard about "GTI" but know nothing about cars.

So, I wonder, will Ford come up with a sporty KA+ with a 1L 3Cyl. ecoboost? 140-150BHP?
Hell I would even consider building a late KA with an ecoboost engine.
But I already have a ST200. 🙂

Sgd TV says:

Is it just me or do you just want one

h8tr13 says:

I want one. Don't care what anyone else thinks, I want one…

Josh Piceno says:

The front bumper looks like when you put an orange slice in your mouth and smile

Yoseob Yang says:

What? 150hp in an Up!? That's a hell of a sleeper!

jearss says:

Well I guess it's for a 20 something metrosexual male or female with a liberal arts degree who wanted something other than a smart car or prius. Can't really bash it it's only 15k

Tambo74 says:

I'd rather have a brand new Golf GTi MK1 over this all day long.. so the answer is no, it's no where near as good as the MK1 GTi

Josh Bacon says:

The up! GTI: Proof that you don't need 58 quintillion horsepower to have fun!

Alb in says:

i dont know why the fuck do car makers put halogen lights on cars it is 2017 led should've been standard since 2010

Joona Puro says:

Should have used 1.4 tsi

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