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Volkswagen Up! GTI (2018) Ready to fight Twingo GT

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Volkswagen is presenting a compact, sporty car very much in the spirit of the original GTI – the new up! GTI. The concept and power output of the 85 kW / 115 HP up! are broadly in line with the Golf GTI MkI presented in 1976 that had 81 kW / 110 HP. The near-production concept car pays tribute to this icon – with compact dimensions, a low weight, a powerful engine, sports running gear and the typical insignia of a GTI (including red stripes in the radiator grille, seat covers in “clark” tartan pattern). This sporty small car will certainly bring a new dimension of driving fun to the compact class. A typical GTI feature is the sophisticated sports running gear. It gives the car the agility akin to that of a go-kart, yet it also offers a high level of comfort. The production version of the up! GTI will be launched into the market in early 2018.

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jake davies says:

People moaning about who this kind of car will appeal to, to the young 19-20 yr olds like myself in the UK that get shafted if we try and insure a car like a ford fiesta ST so this car is very appealing and will hopefully be insurance friendly!

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

The Force will be with you, always

SpikeXtreme says:

To be honest,what is the point of the GTI ?.
The UP was designed as an economical city car ..all the technology in it pointed that way, and now VW release a petrol drinking 'fast off the lights' city Car..the total opposite of the intention of what the UP was designed for.

Charles BISACCIA says:

Too much power
for such a small car .
Eco cars are not designed
for high performances . ?

Benzinio says:

I don't thing it can justify the high price!

Mahmood Y.H says:

Why everyone is upset???
Just to make it clear… this car isn't made for performance… it's made for *FUN*.

Luther says:

a sports car with 115hp?

M H says:

Why more suped up shopping trollies. Women are not exactly aware drivers and men driving this is a bit homosexual.

TheScorpion1296 says:

it's ugly af

Ricky Ma says:

Yeah, so a GTI has 9+s 60mph acceleration, and below 200km/h top speed. GJ WV, you set the standard high.

W C says:

Jesus, that's the "European" way of making a sports car. Put in a tiny, under-powered engine, make the suspension unbearably hard and there you have it! A "sports car".

Choschnebab says:

Nice little car

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