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VW Scirocco R vs Ford Focus RS – which is the hottest hatch? by autocar.co.uk

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Steve Sutcliffe compares the new Scirocco R to the Ford Focus RS. Read the full verdict and see the hi-res pics and full tech spec at http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/FirstDrives/Volkswagen-Scirocco-2.0-TSI-265-R/244610/ and http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/RoadTestsHistory/Ford-Focus-2.5-RS/240235/

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ZondahYT says:

Focus RS would kill that heap of shit everyday of the week, plus it sounds 100x better, another idiotic review

Jordan Polatol says:

i love this guy already

19grand says:

Focus all the way.

Alan Jackson says:

Or get the 2.0GT with DSG and remapp it to 260bhp for £500-600.

Peter benn pan says:

Were are these roads? Anyone know

Zany Wabbit says:

poor camera placement.. looking down into camera

20vtDub says:

Fuck waiting on adds

abig day says:

how long could a beautiful look last

Luke says:

Terrible presenter.

zayn maraj says:

actually the scirocco is a 'sportscar' and not a hatch

Shrink1061 says:

I actually compared a 2010 Scirocco R (as featured here) to a 1 year old Focus ST (current model). Ironically both were the same price, which gives a painful demonstration of how badly the ford depreciates, and now the VW retains its value. Hopping into the Scirocco, it felt well made, premium and the seating position was instantly superb. It was a great place to sit. The drive was confident, assured, and quiet when just driving around town. It turned into an animal on the open road. Compare that to the Focus ST, which by comparison (in spite of being some 4-5 years newer), felt old fashioned, and very very cheap inside. Lots of extremely low rent plastics absolutely everywhere. The dials were lit up like blackpool and the recaro's were frankly uncomfortable. It torque steered everywhere, even in 3rd gear, and just didn't feel all that planted on the road. I put my money where my mouth was and bought the Scirocco over the newer ST. I remain happy with that choice!

Ian Townsend says:

I still think it's funny that the current Scirocco has the same chassis as the MK 5 gti which come out I'm 2004. Why can't the Scirocco have the latest Mk7 chassis

BERGERJeah says:

Love all the RS built cars, now I'm finally getting my hands on the 2016 Focus RS! The AWD should put RS refinement to a whole new level!

ExZeera says:

The video is so damn quiet

Turn Eight says:

The Scirocco R looks great. I recently drove the new version of the basic model, can't wait to get my hands on the updated R later this year!

Miguel Toscano Figueira says:


Adam Davis says:

I have this Rocco but mine is an vw individual. Its amazing. But can I just say how your reviewing capabilities suck, while you get in the rs and while driving say the rs feels more exciting to drive than the vw. Then in your conclusion you say the vw wins because the Rocco is definitely more exciting to drive. Well which one is it man. Complete bogus reviewing skills. Shaking my head.

TrueGamingPassion says:

The RS doesn't look half as good as the Roc

tavi921 says:

The Scirocco is ugly. I'd rather have the Golf R.

cüneyt kale says:

Scirocco feels better

BigR says:

The Focus RS looks more beefy and a real mans car,and also it was used in WRC by Ken Block.But the scirocco R looks nice but feel cramped inside and claustrophobic if your tall like me!

erebus38 says:

I like the style of both of their predecessors better. The original Scirocco still looks better and I still like the look of the Escort RS better than any of the Focus models as well,not to mention I can't stand how manual transmissions where you do the clutching are becoming a thing of the past. Looks like the auto industry is just becoming more and more of a disappointment than ever anymore in this day and age. Oh,and the one thing that I dislike about either one of these two cars is that they're both lame front wheel drives. I'd say the only thing that I like about them is that at least they're both turbocharged,but that's about it.

ubersoldier71 says:

Ofcourse scirocco r! ford is a  cheap piece of crap   i own a scirocco and i love it

Java Speed says:

scirocco r is a hothatch, but dont judge like that

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