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VW up! GTI – it’s finally coming!

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VW’s up! city car finally gets the GTI treatment, with 113bhp, 200Nm of torque and a reveal at the Worthersee GTI fan festival

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PeaZzz says:

Chiptune to 180+ hp en we have a car that's GTI badge worthy?


It's £14000, not £17000.

Mike Spinal says:

Fake engine sounds makes it worthless

Greg Mieg says:

Abarth still a winner

Daraius Murrell says:

Who the hell is going to spend £17,000 on this!!! For the same price you could buy a used M& Golf GTI.

Ayhan says:

Whats wrong guys come on! Beauty !

Peter Lewis says:

The original VW Lupo Gti, had a powerful 1.6 litre engine, and in today's money, cost roughy what the new Up Gti will sell for.
Whether its to keep emissions low, or simply to cut costs, a 1 litre engine is hardly going to excite customers.

The Lupo Gti was a real pocket rocket all those years ago, and this Up Gti will have the looks but not the performance.

Giles Robertson says:

I honestly don't believe that VW will charge 17K for this, because that is Audi A1 territory. 15, maybe.

Adrian Barrett says:

£17k? Wow. You can get an Abarth 595 for £15k with 145ps, and doesn't look like it will topple over going round corners

vagtav310 says:

Buy a fuckin fiesta st!!!

Expelliarmus ! says:

It would be a very punchy and fun thing to drive
But it's a toy at the end of the day 17k erm naa fuck knows

Brian P says:

a synthetic exhaust note pumped through the speakers….

TheSpikeyBiker says:

I would actually buy that car but not at 17k ?? that's just mental. I think 13k is more realistic and that's still pushing it.

Cif Amotan II says:

haha after 100k km you can bin it! ??

doc C says:

its a vw smart with the smallest engine possible.smh

Drogon - The Dragon says:

April fools?

Aaron Caldwell says:

I'm sure polo GTI starts at £18,000- £19,000. I'm really not seeing the contest at all. Even a fiesta ST is the same money. Granted I think the up is great, it was my first car, but doubling the price tag for some GTI badges and Suzuki swift sport performance? no thanks,

Ayhan says:

Nice car! Nice wheels! Gotta love the gti seats. Its not a men car but so be it. Nice job VW… Keep UP! the good work ?

LeBromine says:

aaaaaaaaaaand its ruined

Brandon Lebel says:

now all you polo heads can drive your friends around in a short bus 😀

أبو الحواااسم says:

nice. but its more expensive. engine should be 1.4 unless

Harry Shahrum says:

if its powered by a VR6 Turbo engine then its worth it

Rob Beard says:

Needs 200bhp to beat the competition, stop faffing around.

Ernest Hemingway says:

VW, You are wearing the GTI emblem unnecessarily…
So why don't you also make a GTI Vento, a GTI Gol, a GTI Saveiro? I mean if all you need to do is put the badge on it and sell it like its fast.

alex mazzantini says:

costa un botto dovevate mettela a 15000 euro

Ruy B says:

Polo gti have the same price dude

pete draper says:

Why compare it to a GTi mark I from the stone age? I bought my wife a 5 door UP when they first came out and it is a brilliant town car. It's OK at a pinch on the mororway, but for me, it's a town car. I just don't get this GTi version. Who will buy it?

JB says:

£17,000 ? I suppose VW have to try and find ways to pay for all those legal costs… good luck!

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

anyone in europe want to take in an ex pro race car driver (VW & Porsche) in for 6mo while I start an auto custom shop for small cars?

WhiteBaron777 says:

finally, a proper small hot hatch. please car companies , no more of that "1500kg car being considered a compact" bullshit

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